What’s In My Handbag?

Last year when I started my blog, I did a few posts about what was in my makeup bag; this time I thought I’d let you have a nose in my handbag!

My bag itself is by Floozie and I bought it in Debenhams a couple of years ago for about £30. The gorgeous cat scarf was from Indigo Gifts in Hassocks, West Sussex.

I keep my Tigger gloves in my bag during winter so I don’t accidentally leave them at home on really cold days. I also have a pair of headphones and my portable USB phone charger so I’m always with music and without the dreaded “low battery” warnings 😀


I love this purse, there’s enough room for all my cards and some see through parts for my ID, there’s even a zipped compartment inside the zipped compartment that I keep all my piercing jewellery in (spare labret balls and septum keepers).


I go up to London quite regularly to visit my best friend, so I keep my Oyster card to hand in case of impromptu visits and so I always know where it is! I also have my B&H work bus pass 😀


I always have my house and car keys in my bag.  I have some keyrings attached; including a photo of me and J at our friend’s wedding last year, I survived Saw ride and a bottle opener!


I always have eyeliner in my bag for touch-ups along with my mint flavoured lip balm to stop my lips drying out and my red lip crayon, you know, just in case! I also keep some Ibuprofen, body spray and chewing gum in case I need them. The cute mirror is from That Lame Company! The Noriday is my contraceptive and is always with me so I don’t forget to take it! I also carry tampons, because being female can be unpredictable!


I also keep a canvas bag on me at all times so I’m not spending 5p on bags if I do any shopping!


What do you keep in your handbag? Are they full of random things like mine or are they really well organised? Lt me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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    1. They are! And fun to keep whiny children on buses amused!
      They’re so useful! I’ve carried them for years… Everyone at work loves this fragrance, they all went and bought a bottle xx

  1. Wow that bag fits a lot! I’m in love with your gloves – how cute are they?! And the purse looks really good 🙂

    Hana |♥

    1. I know! I’ve seen some where there’s a purse and a glasses case … What if I need any of this stuff I keep in my bag? Who knows when I’ll need tiny diamanté decorations! Xx

      1. Haha I’m the same, “I could take this out, but what if I need it”? Haha I’m so terrible with my bag. Mostly in the bottom of mine is recipts and loose change haha! I literally throw anything in my bag Xx

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