The Fun Of Driving*

Living in Brighton, I don’t generally tend to drive anywhere any more, it’s a lot more convenient to use public transport because the parking is bloody extortionate. In fact, a lot of friends didn’t even know that I could drive until I wrote my post about being an adult which, if you haven’t read, you can catch up with here.

I learnt to drive back in 2004 (Jesus, now I feel super old!) on the Isle of Wight, where there’s one tiny stretch of dual carriageway and no motorways! There are; however, a lot of narrow country roads and animals to contend with. And loads of asshole drivers in 4x4s and chavs in crap cars. Fun times.

Despite the setbacks, I absolutely loved learning to drive. I still remember my first lesson where my lovely instructor took me to a quiet cul-de-sac and taught me how to find the biting point. Although it was hella scary to think that I was in charge of a powerful machine, (well a Renault Clio, but still) it was incredible knowing that I was the one in control. I managed a few yards down the road before bunny-hopping. I soon got the hang of it though and was even getting up to 30mph in my first lesson!

I think my favourite bit was learning to park. Yeah, I appreciate that makes me a total weirdo, but I’ve never really had a problem with parallel parking. I hated reversing round a corner though; that was probably the worst bit for me. I don’t even know why. I just absolutely hated it.

Once I’d passed my test (after two attempts) there was no stopping me. My very first car was my mum’s old Rover 100 Knightsbridge (SE) in kingfisher blue. It was glorious. Mostly because it symbolised freedom. Going out when I wanted, not waiting for the bus. Not having to rely on other people for lifts. And getting to blast my music out of the windows really, really loudly! Look at my happy little Goth face <3


The first time I ever drove on the “mainland”, I was with my then boyfriend and we went to Butlins on holiday. Rockin’. I spent the entire trip with both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel, barely making it over 50mph and with the radio turned off. So I could concentrate. Does anyone else turn the music down when looking for directions? Please tell me it’s not just me?

I’d definitely recommend learning to drive if you haven’t already; you never know when it might come in handy!

Are you learning to drive or can you drive already? What’s your favourite thing about driving? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*This post is in collaboration with Book Learn Pass.

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  1. I’m learning to drive again now after a long time. I had lessons years ago but my instructor fell ill and had to retire. The ones I had following him just ruined driving for me because they were so rubbish. But the one I’ve found now is really nice so am hoping I can pass this time! (I didn’t get as far as the test last time!)

  2. Despite being 28 I’m only now learning to drive! It’s slightly terrifying but I’m looking forward to it becoming second nature (in like, 2123 years). | Amy x

  3. Awh this post is so great 🙂 I finally passed my test last October so I am nearly off my R plates. The joys of being from Northern Ireland means that for the first year I am restricted to 45mph and have to show lovely red ‘R’s’ on my front and back windscreen. I love the freedom I now have of being able to drive and it has meant that I was able to find a job more quickly as I can drive myself and don’t have to rely on anybody else. Great post 😀 x

    Rachel |

  4. I passed my test two weeks ago, and can really relate to a lot of this. I always turn down music when I’m looking for directions or doing a manoeuvre, e.g. parking. And I absolutely hated corner reverse and was praying I didn’t get asked to do one on my test. As it turns out, I was going to be asked to do a corner reverse, but a woman and her dog, who stopped for a poo in the middle of the street, meant the examiner gave up on that and asked me to do a turn in the road instead! Haha. It’s such a great feeling, being able to drive and having your own car. Freedom! x

  5. I don’t turn the music down when looking for directions, but I do take my sunglasses off if I’m getting stressed because I think it will help me to see better hahaha! Sadly I am the most anxious driver ever- I wish I found it fun!

  6. I was like you when I learnt to drive – parallel parking was a doddle and I loved it. But then, no matter how good of a driver I was, I always got nervous getting into the car for worrying that something would go wrong. But then moving to Canada 4 years ago and driving down giant highways on a regular basis has got rid of that… But now I can’t get my head round parallel parking on the other side of the road. Oh well!

    1. It *is* fun, I’m glad I’m not alone in that. Ah yeah, those roads a mega!! I got good by parking on Union Street in Ryde because you can park on both sides!! 😀

  7. I actually grew up in Brighton and when I turned 17, I made the decision to not learn to drive, because everything in Brighton is so walkable, and the public transport wasn’t that bad (from what I remember anyway!) Then for uni I moved to Sheffield, again a very walkable city, and still haven’t learnt to drive.

    It’s getting to the point where I kinda regret not learning sooner, because I find myself relying on my boyfriend and his car a lot (weekly shop, picking things up furniture, moving around etc etc.)

    I probably won’t be in a position to learn to drive until mid-late next year though, since I am saving up for my next big move it Manchester!

    1. I think that happens to a lot of people though where they live in big towns with accessible transport.
      Good luck if you do decide to go for it 🙂 x

  8. I’m in the process of finally getting my license- a ten year process but who’s counting? I don’t know why but I’m so afraid to drive! I’ve driven on the road plenty of times and I’m not super horrible at it but I’m still afraid for some reason!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  9. You look adorable in that photo! I really loved learning to drive, I had a wonderful instructor who made it so much better! I also found that my little car symbolised freedom – there are no buses at all where I live (hooray for the East Anglian countryside!) so getting a car was just fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experiences, really enjoyed reading this post!

    Abbey ✨

    1. Aww thanks 🙂 Having a good instructor is definitely key! You’re stuck with them in a car for months lol. Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 x

  10. I totally feel the same about Parallel Parking being the easiest! Reversing around the corner was always a mission, i hated that one as well! I’m in the process of learning to drive and can’t wait to feel the freedom of how you felt once you had passed 🙂 Great Post!
    Leanne x

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