My Favourite Jewellery Pieces*

I’ve always had a fascination with jewellery. When I was younger, I was given a jewellery roll full of necklaces and bracelets that I inherited from my grandma. Although they were beautiful, I was too scared to wear them in case I lost them. Plus everything in it is gold and I prefer silver. Sorry Grandma.

As I got older, I started buying my own jewellery or receiving things as gifts. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Heart earrings – I absolutely love these because J bought them for my 30th birthday. They were custom-made by Grains of Gold in The Lanes (in Brighton) and they’re 18ct white gold with garnet stones. The jeweller was so lovely as I asked for a really deep blood-red and he delivered! They’re a bit bigger than I originally wanted but I was told it would be difficult to get them any smaller. I wear these every day, absolutely love them and rarely take them out!

Holly necklace – This was a really difficult piece to find apparently. I really wanted a holly necklace for Christmas and asked my parents for one. My mum looked everywhere but nowhere was selling them. Luckily she managed to find a little holly charm (meant for a bracelet) and popped it on a chain for me. It’s so tiny and delicate and I usually wear it around Christmas 🙂

Star necklace* – This necklace came Jewellery Box. It’s a tiny sterling silver star on a 20″ chain. I love the length of the chain and the delicacy of the star charm. I actually broke the chain earlier in the year and I was gutted as the charm hole is too small to allow a chain through it. Luckily, I contacted Jewellery Box and they kindly sorted out a replacement for me, using the original star 😀 I very rarely take this necklace off unless I absolutely have to!

Pentacle ring – I bought this when I was about 15 from a little tiny new-age shop on the Isle of Wight with my best friend, Charlie. I wear it constantly on my right thumb and it reminds me of going into town pretty much every Saturday with Charlie and always brings back lovely memories 🙂

Claddagh ring – When I was 16, I was sat in my friend, Stacey’s bedroom and she had a giant poster of Angel on her wall. I was hooked and she lent me all the videos that she’d taped from the TV. In season 2 when Angel gave Buffy a Claddagh ring to symbolise his love for her, I knew I wanted one too. Plus my dad is Irish and it’s an Irish ring to represent love, loyalty, and friendship. This is now my second one as the first one unfortunately broke. My parents bought me this version for Christmas a few years ago and I wear it on my left ring finger with the heart facing inwards. I wear this even in the shower!!

Silver band – This is actually one of J’s old rings that we found upstairs. It was really tarnished but I used some silver polish on it and it came up really well! I never take this ring off and wear it on my right ring finger. I don’t take it off so if I’m travelling on my own, I know J is with me all the time 🤢🤢

Rose gold watch* – I was very kindly gifted this watch a while ago from Time Chain and I adore it! I didn’t want anything too dark so I went for a light grey strap. It’s incredibly pretty and really smart-looking. Plus the rose gold is very blogger 🤣🤣 Apart from an old Buffy watch, it’s the only one I own at the moment, but I definitely want more!

Gold bracelet* – I’m really not a fan of gold jewellery at all, but there’s something about this bracelet that I absolutely love. It’s so delicate and I love the blue/grey colour of the stones 😀 Although it’s not available any more, Stella and Dot have loads of other gorgeous pieces!

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery and where’s it from? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*These were kindly gifted to me by the brands but love of pretty shiny things are my own.

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  1. These are some gorgeous pieces Holly. My favourites are the holly pendant, the pentacle ring and (of course) the Claddagh ring.

  2. The heart earrings are so gorgeous, I love the stones and it really does make pieces extra special when they’re custom made and totally unique, what a thoughtful gift.

  3. What gorgeous pieces, those heart earrings are stunning. I was given a garnet ring and necklace for my 21st and I love them as they’re a little bit different! I love that watch, and it’s so lovely that you wear J’s ring, I love things like that. I have my Grandma’s beautiful engagement ring but the band has worn so thin I just keep it in my jewellery box as I’m so scared of it breaking!
    Hels xx

    1. I love garnet, it’s not my stone but the colour is just so pretty. Oh that’s a shame you can’t wear it!! I assume putting it on a necklace, you’d still feel scared about it breaking 🙁 xx

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