Outfit Of The Day #2 | A Casual Tee And Skirt Combo*

So remember back in January and I posted my first outfit of the day post and I said it probably wouldn’t become a regular feature? Well today I’m having a good body image day so to celebrate, I’m sharing another outfit of the day. Because who knows when I’ll feel this good about my wobbly tum and slightly too large thighs again?

I picked up this gorgeous t-shirt from the recent Re:So pop-up shop event; I just love the colours and I love that the t-shirt is a really good length. I know that sounds weird but you know what I mean, right? Like, it’s not showing off any of my stomach when I stretch my arms up but it’s not too long so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to wear the shortest dress in the world.

The skirt I picked up last year on a shopping trip in Brighton. I got it from a shop called Fashion Temple (based in Sydney Street, North Laine). It’s lovely and floaty but it doesn’t give you that infamous Marilyn moment if the wind picks up. I’ve definitely had plenty of those experiences in my younger days, but I cared less. Probably because the cellulite hadn’t hit yet.

J messaged me one day while I was out in town and said he’d found a pair of Rocket Dog boots (these are Sidestep in Oliver) on sale on Amazon and sent me a photo. I thought they looked awful, like weird cowboy boots, and not my type at all. Then he pointed out they were only £10 (Yep, ten whole English pounds!!) Plus they were offering free shipping and returns.

Suddenly I loved them, so I asked him if he could buy me two pairs; my usual 7 and an 8, just in case. I’m glad I did now as J did some research and Rocket Dog boots apparently come up rather small and the 7s didn’t fit. The size 8 fitted like a dream though and now I can’t stop wearing them. I also recently found out they usually retail for about £70! My boyfriend done good. Like really good. And he even bought the boots for me ♥ I bet he wouldn’t have bought me them if they’d been £70 though lol

I finished off my outfit with this bag which I’m absolutely in love with. It was very kindly sent to me by LYDC* and I’ve been literally showing it off everywhere. I adore the combination of the beautiful spring/summer colours; even the lining inside is navy and white striped 🙂 It’s super roomy too.

There are 3 pockets inside, one on the outside, a pouch and a separate little purse/make-up bag that you can unclip 🙂 There’s also a strap you can attach to wear it as a shoulder bag if you want to!

I finished off the look with my wishbone necklace from Coconut Lane. You can get 20% off at Coconut Lane using my discount code: gollymissholly20. I earn a small commission on orders purchased using my code but it doesn’t affect the price you pay!

What do you think of the outfit? Are you a casual tee/skirt combo lover too? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was kindly sent this bag by LYDC but the views are all my own.

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  1. You look beautiful. You should definitely do more OOTD posts. Such a pretty top for spring and those boots are lovely! ☺
    Sharon xx

  2. You are so beautiful – you should make this a regular feature <3 I'm not a boot person, but those look super duper comfy!


  3. Gorgeous OOTD darling!!!!! You are beautiful….! I LOVE that bag from LYDC…aahh!!!! Goes so well with the rest of the outfit, so perfect for Spring!!!! =P 😎 Please post more outfit posts hun b/c this is just >.< Eeeppp!!!!

    Loving your work hun, it's great when you have the confidence to post ootd pics…I know I struggle with them myself!!

    Well Done girl!

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