The Blogger Meet Up Checklist

I’m so excited because tomorrow will be my first ever blogger meet up and I honestly can’t wait. I’m going to the Brighton Blog Meet, which is being hosted by the amazing Laura (Lola and Behold) and I’m going to finally get to meet some of the incredible women who I’ve admired since I started blogging last August.

I also found out on Monday that I got a place onΒ the firstΒ #TheGirlGang meetup! I’m super excited about that as well although it’ll be slightly more of a pain in the ass to get to; The Brighton meet up is only a 30 min bus ride to get to versus The Girl Gang event which will be an 8 hour coach trip to Manchester!

When I started writing this random post about blogger meetups, I suddenly realised I have no frame of reference for going to one as it’s my first time and I’m not sure what to expect. Here are some important things I think it’s good to remember when attending a blog event:

  1. Remember to take a camera/phone, make sure they’re both fully charged and take a spare charger too.
  2. Remember to actually use your camera/phone to take photos. (Seriously, I always forget to take photos of things I’m meant to be photographing!!)
  3. If there is one, follow the event hashtag on Twitter (the one for the event I’m going to is #Btonblogmeet.) It’s a really great way to see who else is going and join in with conversations. (I’ve now made a pre-event friend and we’re going to rock up together to make it less scary :D)
  4. If you’re not great at social situations, try and stay away from the alcohol to calm your nerves, because you don’t want to end up getting too drunk and be the person everyone remembers crying in the corner because you broke your camera but, in reality, you actually just left the lens cap on!!Β (I’ve definitely done that a few times! LeftΒ the lens cap on, not got drunk and cried about it!!)
  5. If you’re going to an event in a town you’re not familiar with, check out how to get there in advance and book any transport you might need!
  6. The main reason for these events is networking, so remember to meet as many people as possible and get their details so you can go on a massive blog follow afterwards πŸ™‚
  7. When you’re at the event, have fun!!
  8. After the event thank the host/hostess for the event, write a lovely blog post about your experience and don’t forget to include all the photos you remembered to take!

If you’re coming to the meetup tomorrow, I’ll see you there πŸ˜€

Have you been to a blogger event/meet up before, what tips would you a first-timer? Let me know in the comments section below πŸ™‚ x


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  1. Ill be going to my first event next month and im pooping myself so bad, im even taking my mum with me incase i have a panic attack haha

    1. You’ll be fine, it’ll be really fun and remember that as everyone else is a blogger, taking loads of pics won’t be weird! 😊😊 xx

    1. Thank you darling! I was so sad not to see your name on the list (yes I actually looked for you!) One day maybe 😊
      I don’t know why I forget to take photos, maybe because I’ve never been somewhere where everyone will have cameras, hopefully that’ll make me feel less insecure about getting my camera out 😁 x

    1. Of course! I’m determined to say hi to everyone! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I’ll be the over excited one! Xx

  2. You got a place at the Girl Gang meetup? Yay! I’m so jealous; it sounds like it will be a brilliant night. I’ve never been to a blogger meetup before, in fact I’ve never met another blogger before! Hope you have a lovely time and I can’t wait to read all about it.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. I did 😊 sorry you’re not coming, maybe you can get on the next one? You should see if there are any events in your local area and meet some! Xx

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