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A couple of months ago I went to my first Brighton blog meet and in my goody bag were two samples of Mintycoco; the coconut oil-pulling formula with peppermint which is for “leaving your mouth feeling fresh, your teeth looking whiter and your gums healthy.” I decided to give it a go….

To use this product, you warm the sachet in your hand until the coconut oil has liquefied, open it, squeeze the contents into your mouth and swill around your mouth for 5-15 minutes.When you’re finished, simply spit out and brush your teeth. Being a regular coffee drinker and an ex-smoker, I figured this might do my teeth the world of good and I was really excited to try it out.

  • First Impressions: It seems like a lot of coconut oil, every time I thought I’d squeezed it all out, there seemed to be more (I didn’t realise until afterwards that you could just use half a sachet). I kinda got the hint of mint but generally just an over-whelming taste of coconut. And unless it’s in a Bounty, I’m not really the biggest coconut fan. Damn, now I’m craving a Bounty. Can someone send me a Bounty please? 
  • How did I get on?: I didn’t like it. At all. I didn’t like the taste. I didn’t like the texture. I felt sick after 3 minutes of using the product and had to give up. I brushed my teeth with the biggest blob of toothpaste known to man and I still felt sick. I even still felt a bit sick a couple of hours later. You know that post-drinking sesh feeling of feeling “a little bit ropey”? Yeah, I felt like that. It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Ever. *cough*
  • Value for money: The sachets are about £20-£25 for 14 sachets. The website only seems to have a 3 day trial set available at the moment for £7 though. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than professional whitening.
  • Will I use it again?: I still have another sachet, but I really don’t think I can bring myself to use it. Maybe I’ll give it to J and film his reaction 😀
  • Verdict: 1/5.

Have you tried oil-pulling for whiter teeth? How did you get on? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Personally I love oil pulling, however I have never used satchels just coconut oil from a jar of virgin coconut oil. It does get tiring to swish around the oil for 10-20 mins, however the results I have found from oil pulling have been amazing,

  2. Oohh I’ve been wanting to try these but I’m always a little worried about what to put in my mouth when it comes to beauty and chemicals etc. I may give it a miss for a while after reading this. Thanks babe!

    Alisha Valerie. xo | | @SaidByAlisha

    1. If you check the comments, they’re offering free trials so you can decide yourself if you like it or not without paying to do so 😊😊

  3. Hi Holly, thanks for trying Mintycoco and we’re really sorry to hear you didn’t like it! If you live in a cold climate like the UK it’s important to warm the sachet first – either in your hands, under a hot tap or holding in a hot shower. This makes the coconut and peppermint oil mixture completely liquid and it makes a HUGE difference. If you’re interested, you can read here why we started Mintycoco and the awful time I had oil pulling before Mintycoco –

    If anyone else you know wants to try Mintycoco for free, there are currently two ways: one is at Luckily, most people seem to love it – Mintycoco’s the most reviewed oil pulling solution in the world now, with an average of just under 5 out of 5 stars 🙂 Much safer than chemical tooth whitening with the inherent concerns of carcinogens.

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for getting in touch. I did warm it up in my hands beforehand, but possibly not enough; that being said, I still don’t think this is the product for me!

      Thank you for sharing ways to try Mintycoco for free, perhaps some of my readers would like to try it out for themselves and see what they think?

  4. Ew no! I tried coconut oil for a couple of things and only like it for my hair! I was way too scared to try teeth pulling, and thank god I didn’t!

    Lucy xx

  5. I feel like this is a complete fad. Why would I pay $25 for 14 coconut oil sachets, when I can go to Winners and buy a whole tub of pure virgin coconut oil for 10 bucks and it does the exact same thing. It is just another marketing scheme and way to make money. It reminds me of those ‘detox tea’ which is essentially just a laxative.
    I have tried pulling with normal coconut oil. It hurt my jaw and although my mouth did feel cleaner they didn’t look whiter. I will stick to crest strips if I want to whiten my teeth.

    Katie x

  6. I’ve tried coconut oil pulling and, once I got used to it I actually quite liked it. I didn’t really notice any difference in my teeth though; I keep meaning to start it again properly and see if it makes a difference if I keep it up. One thing I did notice – it would help me feel a bit better if I was feeling a big rough from the night before… an added bonus!


  7. This sounds absolutely DISGUSTING! The idea of swishing coconut oil in my mouth for 15 mins is gag-inducing. I think I’ll stick with my whitening toothpaste and mouthwash…

  8. Great review, I was thinking about trying this but not so sure now. Sounds like I wouldn’t love the taste either, yuk 😝
    Sharon xx

  9. YES!!!!!!! Finally someone who dislikes this minty coco stuff!!! EW!! I HATED it and everyone around seemed to love it….belugh. Go away! I hate coconut and even the hint of mint couldn’t distract from the taste of it………I didn’t get on with it at all and am actually giving the rest of the sachets away as I was given enough for 14 days…I only used almost 2 sachets and that was enough!!!! BLEUGH!

    Great honest review Holly thank you so much!!
    Sarah xxo

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