My Name Is Girl* Book Review

After reading Rosie’s recent post, “Coffee Table Books You Need In Your Life“, I realised that I don’t actually own any coffee table books. Mostly because we’ve only recently bought a coffee table, but it also kind of feels like a proper grown up thing to have in the house, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that level of commitment to being an adult just yet.

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What’s Worse Than Blogger’s Block?


For me, it’s the period pause. I was all set last weekend to get up, put some makeup on, attempt another outfit of the day and take loads of blog photos. Then my period came. YAAY! Not.

This is when my motivation goes, my confidence vanishes down the side of the sofa along with chocolate biscuit crumbs and my get up and go, well it fucks off and hides.

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Mini Shopping Spree


I don’t know about you, but I’m so crap at receiving gift cards and not remembering to put them in my purse or then remembering to use them! My parents got me a book voucher for my birthday. In August. I also got a Boots gift card from my work colleagues when I left in December!

I was in town getting my hair cut on Saturday and finally remembered to take my gift cards with me, so I went on a mission to buy some things I’ve been wanting for ages!

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