Saturday Night In With Papa John’s*

It’s not really a secret that I’m a bit of a homebody. I much prefer pottering round the house of a weekend than being out in clubs or going to loud parties and feeling rubbish the next day!!

Saturday evenings are my absolute favourite because there’s no work the next day and I know that I don’t have to go anywhere; a bonus especially when it’s raining or cold outside 🙂

There’s nothing better than putting on the side lamp, cosying up on the sofa with J (under our massively super soft chocolate brown blanket) and chilling out watching TV or a film ♥

(If you’re wondering why our bookcase is now empty, we’re moving it out so we can do some quick plastering behind it at some point!! Welcome to the lives of the home renovators!!)

Even better than spending a Saturday evening in, is a Saturday evening with a takeaway! My all-time favourite is Papa John’s because I adore pizza, it’s probably one of my all-time favourite foods; the delicious dough-y base, the deep and rich sauce, all that melted cheese and the vast variety of toppings you can have. Yup, pizza is the one. Sorry if I’ve made you all hungry. (sorrynotsorry).

Papa John’s have recently launched a deep crust pizza, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to try one out and have a romantic evening in the process! Because they only come in medium (and we usually demolish an XXL between us quite easily) we had two pizzas and opted for a pepperoni pizza and a pepperoni and sausage pizza 😀

Our pizzas arrived just before 7pm, so we grabbed some plates and some cherryade and settled down on the sofa with our pizzas to watch Twins (you know, the one with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in) 😀

Firstly, the medium was slightly larger than I was expecting, which is always appreciated! The Papa John’s mediums are about 12″ (wahey!)

Secondly I was honestly surprised at just how thick the pizzas were!! I mean I knew they were deep but I wasn’t expecting anything like that, I was in pizza heaven.

J wasn’t a massive fan of the deep crust pizza as he thought they were a bit boring (too much dough not enough topping). On the other hand, I thought they were delicious!! As someone who’s a massive fan of carbs, these pizzas are definitely the one!! All that dough ♥♥

The only downside (if you could really all it a downside) was that because the pizzas were so thick, we only managed about 4 slices each before we had to admit defeat! It’s something I’m not used to and I was pretty shocked, and a little sad, that I couldn’t finish a medium pizza all by myself!! On the upside though, it meant we had loads left for lunch the next day and the best thing is that the pizzas still tasted delicious!

If, like me, you’re a massive fan of pizza dough and carbs, the deep crust is definitely the one for you!! Prices for the deep crust start from £13.99.

Are you a Papa John’s lover? What’s your all-time favourite pizza? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*The pizza was kindly sent to us by Papa John’s in return for an honest review but views, and love of pizza and staying home are my own. Oh and J’s.

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  1. GODDAMMIT HOLLY NOW ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS DELICIOUS PIZZA! These look delicious, I never really think of Papa John’s when I go to get Saturday night take out but now I definitely will! Also, I am so with you, every now and then I can be tempted out for a night out, but with the colder nights drawing in nothing appeals to me more than cosying up on the sofa with a big blanket, a pizza and some bad TV!
    Kate x

  2. TBH I’m delighted someone else I know likes Cherryade! I swear since moving to Brighton so few people seem to have heard of it. x

  3. I love pizza and Papa John’s is one of my faves! I prefer a thin crust but will occasionally indulge in a deep pan or stuffed crust. Mmm 🍕

  4. Saturday nights in are great! You can have sofa time or pampering time! I do like the pizzas from Papa John’s but I think my favourite thing from there is the cream cheese stuffed jalapenos! I’d definitely recommend them if you like spicy things!

  5. I love pizza and I’m a pepperoni fan too! I normally go for thin crust but should really really try the deeper dish style, can’t beat some carbs! I prefer staying in with a good film to going out x

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