Home Goals 2017

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been living with J for almost 3 years now. A medal for him for putting up with me. And Bear, who destroys the occasional home furnishing.

In that time we’ve done a few bits to the house such as; putting the heating and flooring down in the dining room so we could use it, moved some furniture around and bought new sofas and bedside tables.

Which is great, but the house still hasn’t been decorated properly and tbh, it’s starting to annoy me slightly. Like when I’m sitting watching TV and out of the corner of my eye I can see unpainted skirting boards, I think I should be doing something about it. In my head I then start making big plans about doing the entire house, but I think what I should really do is concentrate on a few small bits instead, so if I get them completed, I’ll feel really accomplished πŸ™‚

I also figured if I wrote them down and threw them out there for the internet to read, it’s possible I’ll actually be more productive about it because come December, I’ll have to tell you how many of the things on the list I did! So here’s my list of things I want to achieve in our house this year:

  • Plaster the holes – There are quite a few holes in the walls where we’ve sanded and chunks of plaster have fallen off, especially in the lounge, and I want to finally fill those holes up! I mean, honestly, look at that!! That’s a nice hole above our curtain rail.

  • Move the bags of plaster upstairs out of the way – Once we’ve plastered the holes, I want to move all the spare bags as they’re currently residing in a space in the hallway and they just look so ugly. It’s definitely time for them to go!

  • Re-seal the bath – Because I’m really rubbish, I put all my bath products on the side nearest the shower. Which means all the water builds up underneath the products leaving a lovely mould strip over the sealant. Oops!
  • Sand and paint the hallway – This is the first “room” as you walk in the house and it’s not been touched in years!! I really want to get this looking fresh this year which means once the walls are done, we can hang up our full-length mirror and coat hooks.Β Oh and by the way, the wall is pink. Except where there’s a green patch! Lovely!

  • Throw out at least one box-full of stuff from upstairs – It’s currently known (in my head at least) as the junk room where we put bits of wood, garden equipment and any random bits, like all my DVDs because we have no storage downstairs for them at the moment. The upstairs is meant to be the master bedroom and although I don’t think it’ll be habitable for a couple of years, I’d like to at least start sorting through the chaos!
  • Dig out the rubble from the front garden – Although the landscapers were supposed to have done this for us, they actually left it in a bit of a state. I want to dig a hell of lot of it out, fill it back up with a lot of lovely top soil and finally get some wild flowers planted in there πŸ™‚ I mean look at it! How am I supposed to bloody plant anything in that??

What are your home plans for this year? Are you renovating, re-decorating or just buying some lovely homeware pieces? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. sounds like you have some great goals, my only goal is to move into bigger house this year

  2. I’m currently in the process of trying to get on the property ladder and although I know it’ll be a never-ending project I am SO excited for home renovations and what not. I love that you’ve broken this down into smaller goals. I have every faith that come December you’ll be looking back on this post grinning because you smashedddd it!

    Tasmin | http://www.grandiosedays.com

    1. Oh god I hope so!! We didn’t really do anything last year too the house at all. Good luck with getting on the property ladder! I’m only in a lonely house because J bought one years ago!

  3. Good luck with your goals! This year, we really need to repaint as the previous owners left the house painted just plain old magnolia. We want to really customise it to us this year. And next year we’re hoping to get a whole new kitchen put in!

  4. Love that you have a list of things to do for your home, and it’s so achievable. I have loads to do and little things just slip my mind, thank you for the inspo!

    Holly | The Kitty Luxe

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to take some proper pics for you to really appreciate the work we need to do!
      When are your floors getting sanded? X

  5. I’m currently in the process of doing a room makeover of my mom’s guest bedroom since I’m staying there a few nights a week until May. They basically used it as a dumping ground but I have some fun plans to cozy it up that I will be sharing soon πŸ™‚

  6. I love writing down things I need to do, it makes me want to actually do them, haha. I wish you well this year with your home. I hope that you’ll manage to do all of these! I need to decorate my walls and finally finish making my reading corner. I’ve been doing it for years now…. πŸ™‚

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Maybe you should make a blog post? πŸ˜‰ I’m hoping now it’s out there, I’ll actually be motivated to complete the list πŸ˜€ Good luck with your reading corner x

  7. If I write it down that means I gotta do it, right? AHH.
    Great post, Holly.
    We have a dining room in our house that was originally a built in garage. When the previous owner changed it to a dining room it wasn’t done properly so it’s FREEZING,unusable & a dumping ground so we really need to do something with it this year……Yikes.
    GillianΒ  xxΒ  Eyelinerflicks.com

    1. That’s exactly why I did it lol!! Oh no, that sucks, you should do something, even if it’s clear it out ready to do something next year! Good luck!! xx

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