Keep Your Chin Up (Mask) Review*

We all have our stubborn little areas that refuse to tone up no matter how much (or little) exercise we do. (Although on saying that, my tummy is finally starting to tone up now! Yay!!)

But one of my areas that won’t tone up is my chin.  It doesn’t look too obvious now, but leave it a couple of years and I reckon that it’ll start turning into a full-blown double!!  From the front it’s not too obvious, but when I get snapped from a side angle, especially in Áine’s videos (stop filming me using unflattering angles mate!!), it’s all too noticeable.  Well for me it is.  I’d imagine some of you are squinting at my pics right now wondering what on earth I’m talking about!!

Surgery is never something I’ve considered because I want to spend my money on other things and I’d be terrified something went wrong.  I’ve watched far too many botched operation TV shows!!

For me, it’s all about that quick fix and as the Chinup Mask* claims to reduce your chin in just 30 minutes, I decided to put it to the test!

What the hell is a Chinup mask?

It’s essentially a specially formulated sheet mask which is placed onto your chin and lower jaw area and a very sexy looking massive elasticated band which you place round your head to hold the sheet mask in place. Tbh, the elastic band reminded me of the head brace I had to wear at night when I was 14. Thank God there are no photos of that. At least I hope not anyway!! But in truth, it’s not exactly supposed to be sexy!

The pack also contains a tape measure to see if you’ve lost any cms!

How exactly does it work then?

The science is centered around the ingredients they use on the sheet mask. They include mint, aloe and citrus fruits which helps to nourish your skin and complement the 4 key active ingredients. Apparently. The 4 active ingredients are Skintronics™ which redefines and contours your jawline, Q10 which promotes skin regeneration, Vitamin E which can improve smoothness and CORUM 9235 which promotes the loss of chin-fat.

How do you use it?

You firstly measure round the chin and under the chin (from ear to ear) and record the measurement, otherwise really, what’s the point? Mine was 26cm. I dunno if that’s good or not though.

Next, you pop the sheet mask over your chin and lower jaw (there are instructions). I AM SUCH A NATURAL IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA!!

Chinup sheet mask.jpg

Once that’s on (I did re-do this and put it on better after I took the photo), place the band under your chin and round the back of your head and make sure it’s securely tightened.

Once that’s done you can do whatever you like for 30 minutes (although I wouldn’t recommend answering the door or leaving the house, you will look like a Top Tit). I have never felt sexier 😀 😀 😀

Chinup mask time.jpg

Chinup mask top tit.jpg

After 30 minutes you can remove everything, massage your face and re-measure to see how many cm, if any, you’ve lost!

How did it feel?

It felt really tight but not uncomfortably so though, just don’t be expecting to eat while you do this!! The sheet mask made my chin feel really warm and tingly but it wasn’t painful, just a bit odd.

The verdict

I was dubious, J was even more so (he doesn’t get these “fad products” that offer instant results. So knock me down with a ruddy big feather when I measured my chin again and it was 24cm!!

The price

A trial pack (which is what I had) costs £29.95 and a starter pack which includes 7 sheet masks is £49.95. To be honest, I don’t think the initial start up cost is too bad but the refill packs of sheet masks are £59.95, which seem a bit pricey, I’d love it if they sold individual packs 🙂

Would I use it again?

Well I do have another sheet mask so I’ll definitely give it a go; especially considering that the results are only temporary and for maximum results, you’re supposed to use it regularly! If you could buy individual masks, I’d be tempted if I had the occasion to, like a wedding or a big photoshoot etc!

Have you ever tried the Chinup Mask? Did you get good results? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*This was kindly sent to me to review but views, and chin, are my own.

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  1. “PR sample but views, and chin, are my own” PMSL I love you. I was so dubious of this but 2cm is amazing! But that price is putting me right off, I’ll just keep doing my turtle face exercises haha

    1. Ahaha thanks. It’s also true! I know right? Plus regular use I reckon I could get 4cm off. It is expensive, wonder if you can get the sheet masks on Amazon?

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