You Know You’re An Adult | Part One

Despite being 31, and 3 days off 32, I don’t really think of myself as a particularly adulty adult; however, there are moments in my day when I suddenly realise that yep, I’m a bona fide adult. Hehe, bona. Yeah, sometimes I’m definitely not an adult…

But here’s my list of things I do that occasionally make me feel like I’ve finally reached adulthood:

1. Re-filling the salt in the dishwasher – I didn’t even know this was a thing before I lived with J and it’s definitely one of those mundane but necessary tasks that apparently needs doing. Because if you don’t, nothing gets cleaned properly.

2. Booking an appointment to see a doctor – Luckily in the digital age I can book an appointment online without having to tell the receptionist why I want an appointment, and no, it definitely can’t be dealt with by the nurse (I used to work as a doctor’s receptionist so I get both points of view on this). I also hate sitting in the waiting room rehearsing in my head what I’m going to say. Does anyone else do that too?

3. Any time I drive the car – Despite having been a fully qualified driver for the last twelve years, I still feel like I’m being naughty when I get behind the wheel. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t drive much any more or the fact I’ve gone from a sporty Corsa to a grown up family car. Either way, I feel like I get serious adult points. Especially when I parallel park 😀

4. Calling in sick to work – This is probably even worse than making the call to the doctor. Before the age of texting when I called in sick, even if it was for a migraine, I used to put on an “I’m ill” voice. You know the one I mean; about as convincing as Karen from Mean Girls.

5. Not putting up with bullshit – Although this is something I didn’t learn until recently, there’s no better feeling than ditching people who bring you down or always cause drama. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life thanks.

6. Paying bills – This one sucks. A lot. But it’s something that needs to be done if I want to keep having electricity and water and watching TV and the internet.

7. Doing a proper food shop – I’m not talking ready meals and all the cheap alcohol I’m able to carry here, I mean a week’s shopping for essentials like milk, bread and eggs. With plenty of fruit and veg in there too. Healthy it may be, but exciting it is not.

8. Getting up at a reasonable time at the weekend to clean – Nothing screams adult more than not being hungover on a Saturday morning and tackling the housework before 9 am. Okay, maybe more like 11 am, but still, that’s good too, right?

9. Having to buy everything yourself – I remember going on shopping trips with my mum and dropping massive hints “oooh, those jeans are lovely, shame they’re £20 and I can’t afford them” 10 minutes later I’m holding a New Look bag with jeans in 😀 Now if I want something, I have to buy it myself. Then again, it means I can spend £30 on an Estée Lauder blush if I want and no one can say no. Ha!

10. Doing whatever I want – Being an adult isn’t all bad because it means I can choose to not do anything at all, build a blanket fort on the sofa, watch crap TV, eat ice cream, crisps and order takeout.  Sometimes being an adult rocks!

What are your favourite/worst parts about being an adult? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. This post is simply genius! I am definitely one of those people who are sitting in a waiting area and running over everything they need to say to a doctor in their head… I am never prepared for that! Also, being able to buy anything you want and do anything you want is so good! Loving adult life but I wouldn’t mind skipping bills and cleaning part, haha.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Oh nooo, does all this mean I’m a real adult?! I feel really adult and mature whenever I get behind the steering wheel as well, sometimes I think “am I really old enough to do this?” haha! I’ve yet to master the getting up at a sensible time to clean but I’m only 21 so I still have time to learn – or so I tell myself anyway 😂

    Abbey ✨

  3. Love this! Especially the driving, I still feel like I’m not old enough to drive a car on my own!

  4. Hahah the ‘I’m Ill voice’. Did you even do it when you had like the runs? Still need a poorly voice even if it’s just for a poorly botty

  5. Booking a doctors appointment and not putting up with bullshit! Hahaha, i’m only 21 and I relate so hard. Luckily I don’t pay for EVERYTHING yet, dreading the day my parents transfer the contact lens bill over to me..

  6. Oh Holly you always manage to make me giggle so much!! Ha ha Bonaaa. I also rehearse what I’m going to say when calling the doctors or calling in sick. I feel like I have to PROVE that I’m on my death bed. Handy trick: if you lay on your bed with your head hanging over the edge when you call, you naturally sound a little stuffy! Not that I’ve ever done it… 😉 Brilliant post as always!!

    1. I’m glad 😂 I know, it’s weird, even if you have a broken leg you have to do the sick voice, and yeah I’d heard that too…. Wonder if it works? X

  7. I can’t cook! Or more like wont cook. I went to cook some corn on the cob on a BBQ yesterday, burnt them all to a crisp! I’m still rubbish at saving and money in general. I think I scrape by as an adult!
    But then no one gives you a manual and says this is what it is to be an adult. I just do my thing and hope it’s good enough.
    Great post, loved reading it. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s fab! 😊 xx

  8. I think the worst part about being an adult is having to do things you don’t always want to or feel like doing; go to work, go to the doctor/dentist, pay bills. But the best bit is definitely being able to do what you want (which sounds contradictory but you know what I mean) like staying up late, eating cake for breakfast, buying anything you want etc! x

  9. Love this post, every point is so true haha! I had no idea about the dishwasher salt either until a few years back, oh and the rinse aid that needs filing up also. I can only do the food shop properly with a list x

    Beauty with charm

    1. The rinse aid?? I didn’t know about that!! I’m not sure we have one. I do the food shopping at home and collect it, it means I don’t add random stuff to the trolley 😀 x

  10. I did some weeding in the garden and then took it to the tip the other day — proper adulting! I felt sure that someone was going to ask me who I was and what I was doing there.

    One of the best things is not having to tell my mum whether I’ll be home in time for dinner!

    1. Ahahaha. I know exactly what you mean. You expect someone to ask if you’ve done some gardening for mummy.
      Ooooh yeah! Although as I live with my boyfriend I have to tell him now instead! 😂😂

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