The Thirty Plus Awards Night

If you didn’t know, seriously where have you been because I put it absolutely everywhere, I was shortlisted for the Social Media Hero Award at the recent Thirty Plus awards! I decided I was going to head up there for the ceremony, and who better to take with me for moral support and all the craic but fellow thirty plus blogger, Aine. Yeah. Her. Again.

She very kindly offered to do my face, and pretty gosh darned good it looked too, even if I do say so myself.

Awards makeup.jpg

My make-up took about an hour, then we realised we had about 20 minutes before the taxi picked us up to go to the station. So Aine rushed through hers, still managed to look stunning and we jumped in the taxi. Where three minutes into the journey, she realised she’d left her camera at home. FFS Aine, sort it out! A quick detour later and we were boarding our train to London with the camera.

We stopped for a quick Pret and a make-up retouch on Oxford Street before walking to Charlotte Street Hotel. I managed to get us lost for about 5 minutes, until I realised we were standing right in front of it. Classic Holly!

We made our way in and had just enough time to meet up with Lyndsay and Carrie, say a quick hello to Vix and meet Erica, Leah and Lex before we took our seats. The room was really cute and had a cinema vibe to it, but with really massive comfy seats.

Blog venue.jpg

Once we sat down, I started bricking it and downed my glass of prosecco. Unfortunately I didn’t win my category, but Lyndsay won hers; blogger of the year!! After the awards had been given out, Carrie, Lyndsay, Aine and I popped next door for a cheeky Wahaca; I’d never been before!

Wahaca Nacos.jpg

We ordered some tacos with salsa and guac to share which were so delicious!  And despite only ordering the toasted cornbread with chipotle honey butte and whipped goats cheese, I somehow ended up eating a chicken tikka taco and some sort of delicious black bean thing as well.  Oops.


We then jumped in a Uber and headed to Victoria to catch the train home.  I didn’t get home until midnight but I had such a fun evening.  I even got a goody bag courtesy of The Body Shop.  There were so many amazing goodies!

A big thank you to them and to Hayley (Hayley Hall) for organising and setting up the entire thing 🙂

If you were going to win an award for blogging, what would yours be for?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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