You Know You’re An Adult | Part Two

Following on from my last post about being an adult, here are some more sinking realisations that you’ve definitely, definitely become a full-blown adult! Some of these are my own thoughts and some are from Twitter as I asked people what makes them feel like they’ve definitely become adults!

1. Asking for sensible Christmas/birthday presents – Gone are the days when you asked for a Malibu Barbie, a Furby or that hideous pink sequined crop top you think you’ll look the tits in!! It’s now all about a new salt mill and pepper grinder, a lovely new pair of slippers or a Waterstone’s voucher!

2. Putting the bins out – Not only do the bins go out every week, but the recycling gets picked up every two weeks and Cat says being an adult is all about remembering to put them out on the right day!! For me, the task of rinsing out all the tins and bottles to put in the recycling bin also screams adulthood!

3. Tutting at girls who are wearing next to nothing – Even though you used to do the same at their age, it just looks so wrong now. Their skirts are barely covering their bums and they’re not even wearing a coat. Don’t they know that it’s cold outside??

4. When someone knocks at your door and doesn’t ask for your parents – I loved this tweet from Debra, it’s just so true!! Because I look ridiculously young, I’m sure people see me answering the door and want to ask if my parents are in. Luckily it’s not happened, yet!!

5. Letting go of old friendships – This one is a really hard one, but you know what, it’s okay to let go of toxic friendships or ones where neither of you really benefit from staying friends anymore. Although I’ve found it’s become easier the older I get, with social media the way it is, it’s still pretty hard to cut ties with people.

6. Paying into a pension scheme – Amy has this one bang on!! Although it’s super scary, putting away money now for your twilight years is definitely important … and super adulty!!

7. Gardening – Because, as it turns out, those weeds won’t dig themselves out, the plants won’t sow themselves and most disappointingly, the lawn definitely won’t mow itself!!

8. Renewing your insurance – Maggie says that negotiating a price with her insurers makes her feel like an adult. I’d definitely agree with this. I also find I can now spend a good couple of weeks looking to get the best prices possible, rather than just renewing with the same company because I’m too lazy to look lol

9. Having set days for changing the duvet/pyjamas – Instead of changing them randomly when I remember, or having my mum remind me they need to go in the wash, Saturday is always new pyjama day in our house. It’s also new duvet day because there’s nothing nicer after having a shower than getting into fresh clean pjs and a lovely clean bed!

10. Buying new homeware – If you follow me on social media, you’ll know J and I recently took a couple of trips to IKEA. Not only did we buy some new furniture, hello bookcases and chests of drawers, we also bought a new set of crockery as our old set had seen better days! (Aisling agreed with me on this!)

What sort of things do you do that make you feel like an adult? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. All of these are spot on. Although I’m very, very naughty and never rinse anything out before chucking it in the recycling bin! Oops? Recently started paying into a pension scheme, too. That made me feel very adult. But nothing made me feel more adult than getting married!

  2. Hahah I loved reading this! To be honest I’m only 18 and I can already relate to some such as the gardening because who doesn’t love having their own plants/fruit/veggies and buying new homeware from IKEA aka a lifesaver. And btw, I’m also from Brighton – love finding new bloggers from my city!
    Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend xo

    maria |

  3. Setting an actual budget for groceries is what does it for me! As a student I used to just buy whatever I wanted. Nowadays, I need to actually tell myself to only by £70 worth of stuff and if I’m over? Cut something out.

  4. Agree with every point in this post and the last (bar the driving one as I still can’t drive – I’m 33!) It’s horrifying sometimes when you look at what you’ve done in the past 24 hours and think “omg that was so adult”… then you have ice cream for breakfast the next day and all is right with the world again.

    To add to the list I’d say saving for a mortgage. This is the latest adventure for me and my boyfriend and to think one day I’m going to own a house and be fully in charge of it is very adult. I mean ok I run the flat now as far as chores etc go but if the plumbing goes wrong I just call the landlord, it’s like having back up parents.

    1. Ahahaha there definitely has to be a compromise! I’m lucky that my boyfriend own his own home before we got together, but it’s a nice feeling saying I pay half the mortgage rather than half the rent 🙂

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