Why Bloggers Make The Best Friends

You know sometimes when you’re sitting with your regular friends, you start talking about blogging and they just don’t get it? And although I love my friends, I’ve come to realise that there are so many awesome reasons to have other bloggers as friends. So I thought I’d share my list about why I think bloggers make the best friends (apart from a few of my closest non-blogger friends of course!)

  • They’re happy to let you take about 50 flatlay pics of your lunch because they’re doing exactly the same thing and none of you mind that it’s going cold. They also don’t mind too much when you ask them to move because their boobs are casting a shadow over half the table.
  • They’ll message you to tell you where they’ve just seen the most amazing props for blog photos, how much they are and what colours they come in. Oh and they’ll probably provide you with WhatsApp pics as well.
  • They understand when you rant at them about a PR asking for follow links on a blog post for £5. FIVE WHOLE BLOODY POUNDS!
  • You can ask them for advice about your upcoming post and you know they won’t give you the answer you want to hear (that it’s fab and wonderful). Instead you’ll get some honest feedback and they’ll probably spot massive errors you wouldn’t have even noticed; usually obvious spelling msitakes or the same sentence written twice in a paragraph!
  • They share your excitement about new product launches and make the exact same “oooooh” noises about them 😀
  • If you have lipstick on your teeth or eyeshadow fall out over your cheek, they will always tell you.
  • They always have the best recommendations; whether it’s makeup, skincare, restaurants, the cutest stationery or where to get the best embroidered jeans. They’ve always got you covered.
  • If they get a fab invite to an event and you don’t, they’ll try and wangle you onto the guest list as well 😀
  • They get it when you want to take hundreds of outfit photos in pretty much exactly the same pose. For two hours. And it starts to rain but you haven’t got “The Shot” yet.
  • When they come to visit you, you can act like tourists and take them all all the best Insta spots round town!
  • You can chat to them about SEO, DA and you don’t have to explain what any of it means, they just know.
  • Blogger friends will retweet your promos on Twitter and tell everyone how awesome they think you are!
  • They get excited for you when you reach a big milestone; 1,000 blog views in a day, 5k Twitter followers or even 100 Instagram followers; your blogger friends are throwing you an online party complete with balloon emjois!
  • Whenever you’re having a down day about whatever, they always know the right gifs to cheer you up ♥
  • They’re always so inspiring; whether they’re killing it with their photography, writing deep and meaningful posts or making fab vlogs, they just make you want to blog your little heart out!
  • And whether you’ve met them in “real life” or they’re (for now) a blog friend on the end of a tweet, an Insta story or a WhatsApp message, you know they’ve always got your back!

What do you love most about having blogger friends? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Love this post!!! I met my best friend through the blogosphere and soooo grateful! I absolutely love having someone to talk about blogging stuff in general since none of my real friends does any blogging. It’s nice to celebrate milestones like you mentioned but also get their opinion the the latest post, or graphics, etc.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! Exactly, and because you’ve probably chatted loads on Twitter already, it doesn’t feel awkward 🙂 xx

  2. I love this post! I can’t wait for upcoming events so I can meet some, I literally don’t know anybody personally that blogs, and they just don’t get it haha
    Alicia | Alicia a La Mode

    1. Awww bless you! You definitely need to find some! You could always put out a tweets for local bloggers to meet for coffee!! xxx

  3. Yes to ALL of the above Holly!!! This made me feel all warm and mushy inside, because it’s SO TRUE!! There are just some things you can only experience with your blogger friends, I love you, and all my other blogger friends for that 😍✨❤xxxx

  4. Blog friends are the best, all of the fun times and photos and events. We all rock obviously! The muggles just don’t get it lol

  5. I absolutely loved your post, everything you mention is so true, only blogger frIends totally understand blogging even when your real life friends nod and agree just to keep you happy.

    Sharon x


  6. This is entirely spot on, I was nodding my head in agreement at everything you said. Thanks for sharing!

  7. How true is this & how amazing!! Having blogger friends is incredible and I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without them now. It’s such a contrast between when I talk to my blogger and non-blogger friends 🙂 Though, thankfully, I have a number of people “offline” who are super supportive and would be happy to chit chat about all things blog. However, it’s not easy to explain to them the important of the perfect flatlay and how they have to move out of the shot lol. My hubby is the best at these things. He waits to take the first sip of his coffee until I take a pic. It was so funny one time because I completely blanked out to do it and he just sits and stares at me in disbelief, “No pic of my perfectly Instagrammable latte?” (he said that in my most “blogger-worthy” voice haha
    xox Nadia

    1. Ahahaha, my boyfriend does that too, he’ll just look at me like “you’re not taking a pic of dinner tonight then?!” 😀 😀 xxx

  8. I enjoy talking about my blog and what I’m doing but I’m pretty sure most of my friends get sick of me because it’s not about makeup or beauty or anything remotely girly!

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