Goupie Chocolate Review*

Goupie (pronounced the same as goopy) are chocolatey, chewy, triangly pieces of heaven which recently landed on my doorstep.

Goupie is a family-run company and they have their own secret recipe that’s over 50 years old and from this, they make their “devilishly moreish” chewy chocolates (with a hint of a crunch). The crunch comes from bits of biscuit and crisped rice inside the chocolate 😀

All the products come in these distinctively gorgeous trapezoid shaped boxes and in a wide range of flavours; some that are well-known and popular chocolate combinations (like mint and orange) and some that aren’t that well-known (like cardamon and lavender.) Well they’re not well-known to me anyway, I’m more of a traditional chocolate flavour kinda girl!

Goupie boxes.jpg

I got two different flavours to try out, and although I said I’d be happy with any of them, they must have known my tastes, as they sent me Orange and Hazelnut 😀

The orange ones contain aromatic natural orange, cased within a delicious dark Belgian chocolate triangle with bits of candied orange peels on top. They do taste quite orangey, but personally for me, I’d love to taste a lot more orange in there. I absolutely love chocolate orange though, it’s my favourite chocolate ever, so I always want more orange! I’m glad there were bits of candied orange peel on top as I think without it, the flavour may have got a bit lost in the chocolate.

That being said, didn’t stop me and J from scoffing the lot, hence why there are only two bits of chocolate in the pic, we’re sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Whoops!

And for the hazelnut ones, the nuts have been roasted first for that delicious flavour which works so well with the chocolate 🙂 There’s not only bits of hazelnut on top but also within the chocolate too! This one I definitely preferred the more subtle flavour as I don’t really like the taste of nuts overpowering the taste of chocolate.

Goupie boxes retail for £4 each which I think for an unusual look and flavour combo is actually not too bad, especially if you were planning on giving them to someone as a present! They’re certainly more unique than your standard box of chocs!! And perfect for Mother’s Day on Sunday! The best part is they’re dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly!

And if you live in Brighton or East Sussex, Goupie is available in selected Mulberry Stores, the Grasmere Farm Shop in Hove and as part of the local section in the Budgets in Hassocks and Henfield!

If you’re not local, there are other places you can get them (if you check the map on the website) and you can still buy them online. The only downside to buying them online is that the p&p is pretty expensive at £4.95 (more than the cost of the product at £4).

Have you heard of Goupie before? Would you be tempted to try these out? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was kindly sent these to review but views and love of chocolate (especially chocolate orange) are all my own.

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  1. Wow these are very cute, can’t believe I have never heard of this brand before!

    Lauren x Huggled

  2. I love anything like this! Particularly Choc and Orange, Orange and hazelnut would be good too though! My mum lives in France, would be too late to get them to her now. I might have to indulge myself instead!!

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