My Blog Goals 2016

I can’t believe it’s been well over a year since I started blogging, it seems like only yesterday I was writing my first blog post. So many exciting things have already happened in that time (making awesome new friends, going to amazing events, even being nominated for an award!) but I really wanted to write down a list of personal goals to work towards for the end of the year (which is now ridiculously close) and see how many of them happen! I’ll write an update in January 🙂

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The Thirty Plus Awards Night

If you didn’t know, seriously where have you been because I put it absolutely everywhere, I was shortlisted for the Social Media Hero Award at the recent Thirty Plus awards! I decided I was going to head up there for the ceremony, and who better to take with me for moral support and all the craic but fellow thirty plus blogger, Aine. Yeah. Her. Again.

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Blogging | One Year On

I can’t believe how fast a year has gone. I wrote my first, and pretty shit if I’m being completely honest, blog post on 6th August 2015. You can read it here if you really feel the need to 😛 When I started I didn’t really have any idea what I was going to write about, how my blog would evolve or that I’d keep writing posts so regularly.

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Big Blogger Expo 2016

Two weeks ago I met up with the brilliant Aine (Honestly Aine) in London and we made our way to the Danubis Hotel in Regent’s Park for the Big Blogger Expo 2016. (Although we obviously stopped at 221B Baker Street too, because it would be rude not to!)

The Big Blogger Expo was set up by Lauren from Blonde Vision (who also runs Ldnmeetup) and it’s a great way to network with brands and bloggers.

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Blogosphere Cover Reveal Party*

Just over two weeks ago, the Blogosphere Magazine launched issue 9 and kept their cover star a secret until the big reveal. At a party. In London. Which I was invited to. Sitting on the train to London, I felt like the jammiest blogger that ever lived. Until I went to do a wee on the train and there was no toilet paper. Fume. Luckily I found a scrap in my bag. Phew.

After circumnavigating the tube and SoHo in a pair of vintage Clarks, not to be recommended FYI, I arrived at the venue and headed inside. Alone. Deep breath, you can do this Hols! You’re an adult. Apparently.

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My Blogging Set-Up

I’m always really intrigued to see other bloggers set-ups, and when I say really intrigued, what I actually mean is that I’m a teeny tiny bit jealous of all the bloggers who have gorgeous offices with lovely big desks and inspirational quotes and artwork on the walls and beautiful shelves with copper terrariums and cute little plants everywhere. Okay, I might be very jealous, but maybe one day when we actually finish the house *HINT* I can have my own room or at least a bit of space in a room 😀

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