Share Sized Pots From POLO*

Back in the 90s, I was one of those children who, rather than scoffing chocolate and biscuits, always used to devour a packet of Polos pretty much every day, almost like there was no tomorrow. I always used to keep a packet either in my pocket or in a hand-me-down bag from my mum, which inevitably led to Polos falling out all over the place, getting all dirty with pocket fluff or breaking in the bottom of my bag 🙁

I was also one of those weird kids who used to suck their Polos until they were really, really thin, break a section off and pretend I had my lip pierced by using the POLO® as a lip ring!! Erm… Just me then, yeah?

But once I hit my teens and I was allowed to have chewing gum, my beloved Polos fell by the wayside. Although, to be honest, I found that gum loses its flavour pretty quickly and all that chewing really, really makes my jaw hurt (I have temporomandibular joint disorder) 🙁

So I was super excited to find out that POLO® have recently started making sharing pots, which are a much better idea than a packet!! Not only do sharing pots stop your Polos from getting crushed in your bag, the lid ensures that your Polos don’t spill out all over the place!! Plus you can share them around the office without waiting for 10 minutes because Betty can’t get the POLO® out of the packet. FFS Betty!

Having sharing pots means I can now keep one on my blogging desk to idly suck on while I’m trying to be inspired, pop one in my bag for when I’m out and about (great for blogging events when you get dry mouth because you get nervous meeting new people) and at my desk at work for those impromptu meetings, because there’s nothing worse than going to a meeting and feeling that your breath smells like lunch!! (Or last night’s spag bol!!)

Each pot contains about 44 Polos and they’re currently available in Sugar Free and Sugar Free Extra Strong flavours. If they wanted to make spearmint pots, I’d honestly be all over that ♥ The Sugar Free and Sugar Free Extra Strong Polos not only contain less calories than regular Polos, they help freshen breath and they’re also really kind on your teeth (they’ve actually been accredited by the Oral Health Foundation) #whatawinner!!

Are you a fan of POLO®? What’s your favourite flavour? Where would you put your sharing pot? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

*These share pots were kindly sent to me by Polos but views, love of mints with holes and minty fresh breath are all my own.

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  1. I love Polos to the point where I have 3 packets in my pocket at any given moment. I always lose the last few Polos though and have found quite a few stuck to the inside of a jacket after it got soaked in the rain which is just nasty. A sharing pot (not that I’ll share them with anyone since they’re all mine) is perfect especially since it holds over 40 Polos. No more random Polos everywhere!

  2. I loved Polos! I used to have them all the time as a kid and use to poke my tongue through the holes, never used them as a lip piercing though. 😉 I switched to chewing gum but will keep an eye out for these new packets, I’d much rather suck on a mint than chew gum.
    Kim |

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