My Purrfect Gift Box Review*

Welcome to another present Bear was sent! There should be a category on my blog just for him! This time, he was sent a cat subscription box from My Purrfect Gift Box.

The info:

My Purrfect Gift Box is a subscription box for cats AND their owners. Yup, not only does your fur baby get some treats, you do as well and, they’re all cat related. Not only that but 5% of all their profits every month go to a different cat charity <3

The unboxing:

*Something in the box smells amazing! Must get it and dribble over ALL the things!*

The items:


*Mum, mum, mummmmmmm. There’s a fishy and it smells amazing, I’m going to rub it all over my face and dribble on it and love it!!! And there’s treats. Can I have a treat mum? Can I have a treat mum? Can I have a… Oooh treat! FEATHERS, I love feathers. I don’t like the bell though, it reminds me of the fat cat who picks on me*


There are also treats for the humans too, but Bear was a lot less interested in those. In my part of the box, I received some cute cat greeting cards, a cat print in a frame, a cat tattoo, a beautiful cat umbrella and some cats I can plant which will grow beautiful daisies, zinna, poppies and more!

Bear loving the catnip fishy:

  • First Impressions: Bear loved the box and clambered inside before I’d had a chance to take out any of the items! Everything was really well packed to avoid damages. I was slightly disappointed that there was a lot more stuff for me than there was for Bear. I thought it would be the other way round.
  • Value for money: There are currently 4 different options to choose from; starting at the lite box from £15.95 which seems pretty reasonable for the goodies you might get.
  • Anything you need to know?: You can buy one-off boxes for yourself or gift one to a cat-loving friend 🙂 You can also purchase items from previous boxes on the website.
  • Will I use it again?: Although it’s a lovely idea, I’m not one of those cat ladies who has to have everything emblazoned with cats, but I can see the appeal. I would be tempted to buy one for Bear’s birthday though. Yep, definitely not a crazy cat lady….
  • Verdict: I give this box a 3.5/5 as I would have liked to see more cat treats/toys. Bear gives it a massive two paws up!

Do you subscribe to any pet boxes? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I recently received and reviewed the Cat Hampurr, which is all about gifts for cats. I was really impressed with it, blog post coming soon, as it had 7-8 items inside. Which, for £19 (I think, it’s definitely under £20) is really good. Plus Harley loved it! Haha. Intrigued by My Purrfect Gift Box as it has something for the cat mummy or daddy too! Also, Bear is so cute! x x

  2. I might not NEED to have everything emblazoned with cats, but that umbrella is gorgeous!

    Bear’s approach to post seems pretty similar to that of my two – particularly when there’s shredded paper in it…

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    1. I know, I almost don’t want to use it, it’s just gorgeous!
      He got the shredded paper absolutely everywhere and just rolled round in it for a good 15 mins 😹 Thanks for reading x

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