A Chatty Catch-Up | April

How in the hell is April over already??  It’s definitely been another blink and you’ll miss it month.  Plus we’ve had such random weather extremes, it’s been hard to keep up!!

I had quite a few days of annual leave over April which was lovely as I had to take them asap or lose them.  I also had about 6 days off over the Easter bank holiday 😀  I cleaned out a wardrobe and gave loads of shoes and clothes to charity, plus added some clothing to sell on my Depop account.  J and I also tackled some plastering in the dining room!!

After writing out what I got up to this month, it seems I had a lot of meals out over April, oops!!

One Saturday I met up with Sammy and Jess over brunch at Hixon Green.  The company was great and it was fab to see them both again, but unfortunately the food was a bit rubbish.  You can read my post about that here.

I headed to Chichester to catch up with my mum and dad which was really lovely as my dad was too ill to come last time.  We went to Bill’s again where me and Mum had calamari and Dad had the soup.  Then for mains I went for the halloumi burger (10/10 recommend), Mum had a burger and Dad had fish and chips!!  After lunch we wandered around the cathedral for a while as it was raining, stopped in the cafe for a drink, then headed to Buttery for cake!!  The chocolate fudge cake was huuuuuuuge!!

I caught up with Rosie and Katie in Arundel over the most Instagrammable ice creams at the Ice Cream Parlour and took outfit shots round the village (I wrote a separate post about our day out that you can read here

I went for my first couple of osteopath appointments which were really enlightening.  It turns out my neck pain is caused by the way I sit at work and the tight muscles of my mid back!!  I have some things to try to improve my posture so I’m giving it a good go!!

I spent a beautiful sunny day in Southampton with Alice and Joshua.  We headed to Docks Coffee for food and then took away a couple of donuts to enjoy in the park.  We had such a chilled out day sitting in the shade in the park and heading to the Pig In The Wall for a mocktail; 10/10 do not recommend the Apple Mint though, it was pretty vile 🙁 10/10 recommend hanging out with Alice and Joshua though, they’re awesome!

J and I ended up taking two fun-filled trips to IKEA where we bought loads of new lampshades, another Malm chest of drawers (the six drawer one this time) and some new funky lightbulbs that we can control from our phones and Google Home!  It’s almost become our second home!!  I also re-potted my succulent as it was getting too big for the pot it was in!!

I also spent yesterday with Rachael playing crazy golf.  We started off at Brighton Marina where we’d booked both the Jurassic and the Tropicana course at Globalls (a glow in the dark golf place).  The courses are £5.50 each and it took us about an hour to go round both courses!  I won both the games, but only by a couple of points 😀

We then wandered down to the Sidewinder pub in Kemptown where they have a course of plonk golf set up in the beer garden!  It’s a 9 hole course and a round costs £6.  It’s strictly for over 18s though!  After I won that game too, we wandered through Brighton Flea Market where we found some pretty grim things.  This is probably the least offensive thing I found, but it was a really fun day!! 🙂

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How did you spend your April?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. It always surprises me how much I’ve done each month when I come to write it all down! You have been a busy bee. Sounds like you had a really nice month though. Hope May is as good to you, or better. I love the look of that glow in the dark crazy golf course!

    1. I know, I thought I’d done nothing lol!! The crazy golf was so much fun, you gotta go if you ever come to Brighton 🙂 x

  2. Wow, you’ve had a busy month!! The chocolate fudge cake and that ice cream look AMAZING. I’m glad you’ve had so much fun visiting friends and family this month, I’m excited that I get to join you and Alice soon! I love IKEA trips, mainly for the milkshakes. Well done for winning all those games of golf! I love your chatty catch-ups, they always make me smile!
    Hels xx

    1. I know, it never feels like I do much until I write it all down lol. The cake and ice cream was indeed amazing!! I can’t wait to meet you either!! Thank you for reading 🙂 xx

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