My Potion Bottle Tattoo

Since I started re-reading all the Harry Potter books again (I’m currently on Deathly Hallows), it’s fair to say it’s re-ignited my love for the Harry Potter world and all things magical.  I recently wrote a post about my current collection, although I doubt it’ll be too long before I have to do an updated post; especially as I’m going to the studio tour with my mum in October and there are three gift shops 😂🙊So it wasn’t a massive surprise when the idea popped into my head about getting a Harry Potter related tattoo.  It’s not my first fandom tattoo as I also have a Buffy tattoo on my lower back (the tribal one Faith has on her arm.)

I didn’t want anything big and I knew I wanted it on my left wrist to balance the fleur de lys tattoo I have on my right wrist!  I also knew I didn’t want anything obviously HP because I like the idea that if you know, you know!  If I’d been at Hogwarts (in Slytherin obviously), my favourite subject would have been potions and that’s when I realised that I wanted a potion bottle tattoo; more specifically, the Felix Felicis!

Once I knew what I wanted, it was time to find a tattoo artist!  I like getting pieces from different artists, so I had a look on Instagram for local tattooists.  Although a couple caught my eye, they drew in more of a cartoon style and that wasn’t really what I wanted.  Then out of nowhere, the lovely Lou from Death’s Door Tattoo popped up and I loved her style and the fact she’d done a Harry Potter potion bottle before (Skele-Gro)!!

I immediately emailed her and waited for a reply to see exactly how long her waiting list was going to be.  I got an email a few days later saying they were booking for November time (if I wanted a Saturday) but had a couple of spaces at the end of August if I could do it.  Luckily I’d booked two weeks off at the end of August so I was available 😀

I sent over my design ideas and deposit and eagerly waited for my appointment date to roll round.  The week before, I kept having these awful dreams that she’d drawn the design so big that it ended up being a full-on sleeve and I was too scared to say no!  It made me really scared to go to the appointment lol

Luckily, on the day, everything was fine.  Lou was just the loveliest and not only immediately put me at ease (she’d heard about my bad dreams) but she treated me like she’d known me forever 🙂  She showed me the design and I loved everything about it, apart from the Felix Felicis label, so she took that off for me but kept the rope around the bottle neck 🙂  She’d also drawn it pretty big but said it could be made a lot smaller (phew) 😀

Although it was small, I was still amazed when Lou said it would only take half an hour, including all the colours!!  We got to work and Lou was so sweet and friendly that the time went so fast.  The bottom of the glass and the bottom star probably hurt the most, but Lou very kindly rubbed some numbing cream into the area to help 🙂

I’m so happy that my Felix Felicis is now the latest tattoo in my collection.  I absolutely love the colours we chose for the tattoo, I think they work really well together.  I also love the little details, like the cork and the bubbles in the potion ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A massive thanks to Lou for being such a sweetie and everyone at Death’s Door for making me feel so welcome 🙂  If you’re looking for a tattoo, I’d definitely recommend checking her out 🙂

It’s just over two weeks old now and it’s healing really well.  There’s a tiny bit left on the moon and a little patch at the bottom of the bottle to go, but otherwise, it’s feeling and looking pretty good!!  I’ve been using Protect the Hive balm on it which has not only been really helping to heal my tattoo quickly, it smells bloody amazing (mostly mangoy).  It’s also 100% vegan, 100% natural and 100% organic!

One of the sweetest things was the fact I got a goody bag at the end that they hand out to all customers!!  It’s such a thoughtful idea.  There was an aftercare sheet, some aftercare balm, a lollipop and some cool stickers 😀

Do you have a fandom tattoo?  Would you want to get one?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. This is so cute! I’ve never known a tattoo studio to hand out goodie bags either and I agree; this is such a wonderful touch and I’m so jealous that out of my 5 tattoos I’ve never received anything like that!
    I’ve got ‘expecto patronum’ on my right arm & I love it 🙂 x x
    Ellis //

  2. Absolutely love it! I love those “If you know, you know” tats. My kids are (and, secretly, I am) obsessed with HP. They have listened to the audio books countless times and almost every creative endeavour they set their minds to has an HP theme of some kind. Going to show this to my daughter and hope to god she doesn’t want a tattoo at eight years old (I secretly hope she does, obvs). Also, gotta give you mad geek points for the Buffy tat. ♥︎

    1. Ahahaha, she might have to wait a little while longer (or get her HP transfers!!) Thanks, I was 17 and it looks shit but I’ll never cover it up! x

      1. Yeah, I have rather a lot of tats that fall into the I-was-seveteen-and-they-look-shit category, but I love ’em just the same. The once tiny rose on my belly, though, has now been stretched by three pregnancies and *really* needs something doing to cover it. Might look into this place to help out, if you rate them. 🙂

        1. I have three, two I’m leaving and one I’m getting reworked!! Yeah, I’d really recommend Lou or Zannie at Chapter XIII tattoo for coverups! x

  3. Oh my God! 😍 This is such pretty tattoo and I like that’s it subtly Harry Potter related. I have a Buffy tattoo and if you haven’t seen the show you wouldn’t recognise it as a Buffy tattoo. It’s a copy of one of the characters tattoos. I have thought about getting more, including a dinosaur themed semi colon tattoo on my left wrist.
    Kim |

  4. Oh wow, that’s amazing! The colour and detail are beautiful, it’s so well done! Arhhh I want a new tattoo so badly. I have a fandom tattoo on my ankle, but I’ll be honest, I regret it as it’s lyrics and I want to cover it up. I really want something HP related, i might add something to my ribs tattoo.

    I’m glad it’s healing well, it’s absolutely gorgeous! xx

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