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I rarely venture out as far as Hove for food, despite knowing there are some absolute gems when it comes to great places to eat with Instagrammable décor, mostly because it’s almost an hour away by bus for me and I’m pretty lazy!  But, when Sammy, Jess, Tania and I were chatting about meeting up for brunch, I was happy to let them choose somewhere to go, because I know they know all the best spots!  Sammy suggested Hixon Green so we made a plan to meet up.

Hixon Green is situated at 124 Church Road in Hove (just a few minutes walk from the Town Hall).  It’s open 7 days a week from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm with breakfast being served from 8 am until 12 pm.

Unfortunately on the day, Tania was ill so she couldn’t come 😞

I got there just before 10 am and Jess had already grabbed us a table.  It was pretty quiet when I arrived but started to get a lot busier by 10.30.  There were a few tables outside but luckily Jess chose one indoors as there was still a chill in the air, despite the sunshine!

The décor was absolutely gorgeous, they had a nice mix of small intimate tables and long rows of tables and benches down the sides of room.  The table we had was marble ♥️♥️

They also had some beautiful lighting around the room and a stunning array of different slices of cake for sale, although at £3.50 a slice, I decided to pass!

After checking out the coffee menu, I went for a latte (£3) and browsed the brunch menu.  There was one massive issue, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat because everything sounded absolutely delicious.  In the end though, I went for scrambled eggs on sourdough toast (£5) and added grilled plum tomatoes (for an extra £1.50 😬)

Sammy went for the buttermilk pancakes with a blueberry compote, cinnamon cream and maple syrup for £9 (and added bacon) and Jess chose the scrambled eggs on sourdough bread (£5) and added Heinz baked beans for £1.50!

The order took about 15 minutes to arrive which wasn’t too long to wait and it gave us a chance to catch up as we’ve not seen each other since the Cin Cin launch in Hove.

The food was nice but I wouldn’t exactly rave about it, especially as I paid an extra £1.50 for plum tomatoes and got one single regular tomato cut in half.  Jess paid £1.50 for a small portion of beans and you can buy a four pack of Heinz in Asda for £2.  Plus our eggs were both a little on the drier side 😬  Rather than getting pancakes, Sammy got one massive pancake that she said was pretty tasteless and her cinnamon cream didn’t taste at all of cinnamon!

For such a big place (turns out there’s an upstairs as well) it was odd they only had one male, one female and one disabled toilet, but they looked nice and were very clean 😊

Overall, I thought it was a nice relaxed atmosphere and the service was really good, but I’m not really sure that the quality and quantity of the food justified the prices.  I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to go back.

Sammy very kindly took some outfit pics for me before we all went our separate ways for the day. I decided to rock the double denim 😂

I’m wearing an embroidered denim jacket from Asda, my moon jumper from H&M, a belt from Next, my Dree jeans from Topshop and my beloved white star trainers from New Look ♥️♥️

Have you been to Hixon Green before?  What’s your brunch of choice?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I was really looking forward to trying the food here but was worried it would be average food and high prices! Maybe I’ll just go for a coffee! x

  2. It’s such a shame when food doesn’t live up to expectation – especially as the menu sounds lush! Their floor tiles are lush as well.. but that’s not very helpful if the food isn’t great haha! x

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