My Enamel Pin Collection | Part One

I am thoroughly blaming Brogan Tate for my pin collection πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Basically, I watched one of her YouTube videos about her pin collection, was absolutely enchanted by it and it really made me want to start collecting my own pins ❀️

I haven’t been collecting very long so I don’t really feel that I have that many yet but I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection when I find new pins that I love (I’m following a few different pin hashtags on Instagram that include pin sellers!!).

I’ve put my pins into separate categories to make them easier to see 😊

Disney pins:

My first Disney pin was thanks to Lottie Does Disney who held a giveaway on her Instagram page, which I went and won (#lucky). It’s Piglet sitting in a pumpkin, surrounded by sweets, and using the top of it as a hat 😍😍 It’s such a cute little pin, I love the Halloween vibe and the detailing on the backing card as well πŸŽƒπŸŽƒΒ  This pin was from Disneyland Paris ❀️

The next pin is from Foxes in the Forest’s Kickstarter campaign. She wanted to create Disney themed teacup pins and started with my favourite film; Tangled! I love the beautiful colours and the sparkly gold Tangled sun in the middle.Β  I don’t know if she’ll be selling these on her Etsy, but here’s her page if you want to check it outΒ as she also sells gorgeous watercolour Disney Princess prints; you might just be able to make out Rapunzel in the background ❀️❀️ The pin and print together cost Β£9 (+ Β£2 P&P).

These next pins are the newest to my collection from The Castle Club Co. I recently started following their Insta page and they posted a photo of these cute Halloween Mickey treat pins. Unfortunately they were out of stock, but a couple of days later they were available to pre-order again!! These pins are from the US and cost $20 including shipping (which means the pins work out at around Β£7.80 each including shipping which is pretty great!!)

Harry Potter pins:

I picked up some Harry Potter pins from Primark for Β£3 a set. I got the Honeydukes ones first and the Slytherin set a few months later. They’re not really the best quality or the most detailed pins, but they are kind of cute!! My favourites are the Bertie Bott’s beans and the chocolate frog box from the Honeydukes set (bottom row) and the potion bottle and sealed letter from the Slytherin set (top and middle left).

I got this gorgeous Felix Felicis potion bottle from Lula Rocks for a very magical Β£5.85. They were on pre-order for Β£6.50 and I had a 10% discount as a new subscriberΒ πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ It’s so pretty and glittery and, as it’s one of my favourite potions, I knew I had to buy it! Although the Felix Felicis doesn’t seem to be available at the moment on her Etsy page, there are wolfsbane, amortentia and polyjuice potion pins still available for Β£7.50 each 😊

Miscellaneous pins:

This is the first pin I ever bought, it’s from Doodles by Ben and cost Β£6.50. It’s a cute little pizza slice with pepperoni hearts. You can buy his badges individually or sign up to the Pin Badge Club and get a pin badge through the door every month!!

“Fun” story, I used to wear this on my denim jacket and I lost it 😭😭😭 While retracing my steps the next day, I found it on the floor outside my work!! I was so happy but decided that I didn’t want to wear pins any more in case I lost them again!!

This gorgeous rainbow and cloud pin with the phrase “live colourfully” in rose gold writing is from Dorkface. This pin is currently Β£4.99 and there are only two left, so if you want a bargain, get in fast!!

This cute little ghost is another Doodles by Ben pin badge and was also Β£6.50. I figured with Halloween just around the corner it was pretty appropriate, plus it GLOWS IN THE FRICKIN’ DARK!! (glow photo taken from Ben’s Etsy shop as I couldn’t get a decent photo of it glowing!)

This gorgeous little jumping fox is from Pastel Elixir. I’m already a massive fan of her work and own a few of her prints already. When I saw she was running a Kickstarter campaign, I knew I had to pledge for the fox (there was also a unicorn, a voodoo doll and a pastel potion bottle pin to choose from). The pledge was Β£8 (including P+P) 🦊🦊

Last but no means least are my Sugarcubed Studios pins. These are also from a Kickstarter campaign, although they’re now available on her Etsy page (USA). I think I found out about these via her Instagram page and knew I absolutely had to pledge as these are all from the witch’s cupboard! I pledged for two pins; the dragon’s blood and raven’s feather.

I also received the crystalline protection pin free, simply for sharing the Kickstarter campaign on my social media accounts. I also received a free book of spells pin, but I can’t remember why!!

I now just need to do something with them and actually display them. I kind of fancy getting some beautiful fabric, stretching it over an embroidery hoop and displaying them that way πŸ™‚

Do you have an enamel pin collection? If not, what’s your favourite pin here? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. These are all adorable! I think my favourites are the glow in the dark ghost, the pizza and the rainbow. Do you display these anywhere or keep them attached to their cards? x

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