My Bad Habits

Being a blogger and maintaining an active presence on Twitter and Instagram, it’s really easy for me to put up photos, tweets and blog posts that show me being awesome and at my best, but sometimes I’m really not.  I do try to write more honest Insta captions to go with my pretty photos now, which I hope makes me slightly more relatable (I dunno though, do they?  Can someone let me know?)

I’m not perfect by any means though and I happen to have loads of bad habits just like everyone else, so I thought I’d let you in on a few!

1. Swearing – I do honestly try to curb this one when I’m in public, because I find there’s nothing worse than being on a bus or in a cafe or walking down the street and overhearing people casually swearing for no reason (“did you see Sandra’s jumper?  It was fucking hideous!).  This also applies when I’m at work, because I obviously need to be professional.  Sometimes though it’s so hard not to drop a swear here and there; especially when there are so many irritating people around.  That being said, get me in a WhatsApp message to my friends and I’m dropping ALL the swears!!

2. Being really impatient – Whether it’s being stuck behind a slow driver that I can’t get round, to counting down the days to a special event; like Christmas or my birthday, I can’t help being completely impatient because I want everything right now!!  I’ve always been impatient and I don’t really see it changing any time soon.  I try to do calming breathing but it never seems to work because, when I stop, I still don’t have what it is I want in front of me!!

3. Sniffing/coughing – This is probably the one that drives J up the wall most of all.  Not only do I have asthma, but I sometimes suffer with hay fever as well (and I think we can all agree that the pollen count has been ridiculous this year), so I’m either constantly coughing my lungs up or sniffing away and, as I’m also pretty lazy, I usually can’t be bothered to get up and get my inhaler or some tissue :/

4. Being an awful time-keeper – I’m either super organised and end up arriving somewhere at least half an hour early or I leave everything right until the last minute and end up being a bit late.  I can’t ever seem to just arrive on time; it’s very annoying!!

5. Burping – Anyone who’s ever met me at one can probably attest to the fact that I’ll happily just let burps out and I’m not too bothered about what volume they happens to come out at!!   I’m probably worst for doing it in public and in restaurants; oops!!  I bet they’re all secretly thankful it’s only a burp though, I mean, I could be dropping farts instead 😂😂

What are your worst bad habits?  Are any of yours worse than mine?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. I fart, a lot, hahaha. So unladylike, I know, but I don’t care! I’m also pretty damn impatient and swear all the time. My husband hates how much I swear :/

  2. Haha! I swear a lot but I’m trying to curb it now Dougie is starting to talk, I have visions of him shouting our swear words at nursery…that would not be good! I actually can’t burp, but that’s definitely one of Sam’s worst habits! I bite my nails constantly and I can be really impatient – I’m a fast walker and woe betide anyone that is dawdling in front of me!
    Hels xx

    1. Ah yeah, that wouldn’t be good at all!! You can’t burp?? Wow!! Ha, I feel you with the slow walkers, I hate them!! 😀 xx

  3. This is inspiring – apart from burping I am guilty of ALL of these and I don’t think I’ve ever thought about trying to curb! The one thing I do try to pay attention to is swearing – especially depending on what company I’m in!

  4. I use swear words like punctuation! Obviously there are situations where I try to curb it but it’s so hard!

    I think my worst is procrastination – I will leave everything to the last possible second which leaves me feeling stressed but I can’t find the motivation to do stuff any earlier!

    1. I think as I got older, I realised how awful it sounds when I’m out and about and hearing other people casually swearing, especially if I’m with my parents for the weekend!!

  5. Hahaha! I love this post! It’s right up my street this Holly. Ok here goes: swearing yes, I’m so bad for that. (Love the making up swear words btw). That’s awesome haha! Burping yes! 😂 1 of my biggest pet peeves is rudeness & ignorance, I hate them both and yes I am a tutter and the 1 that also shouts “you’re welcome” haha! It drives me mad so much that I actually hate going out shopping, in fact so much so…I won’t even do a big shop like for Christmas etc the hubbi does that, partially because of my Social Anxiety too.
    I have a nose ring piercing that I am also constantly plating with and the ball I have the ring goes up my nose (haha!) So yes check on the what looks like nose picking too.
    Brilliant post, made me chuckle thanks Holly! 🙂
    LisaG XoX

      1. Haha I know that’s what I thought immediately as soon as I was reading your blog post. 🙈 Because I’m shy and I have issues with Social Anxiety etc a lot of people think I’m quiet and meek haha, until I come out of my shell and then I’m the total opposite 😂🙈 Xx

  6. I’m similar with the whole dealing with impolite people. When I hold a door for someone or stop to let them pass and they don’t thank me I’ll loudly say ‘you’re welcome sweetie’. I’m such an ass 😀

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