Favourite Instagram Accounts

To be honest, I spend a hell of a lot of time browsing Instagram; on the bus, during advert breaks, when I’m on the toilet etc.  I love getting that brief glimpse into someone else’s life; although, sometimes I do wonder what happens after the picture’s been taken.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this, right?

Anyway, in no particular order, here are some of the Instagram accounts that I’m absolutely loving right now!

First up is Bee (Account: QueenBeady).  I absolutely love her photos because they range from outfits of the day and makeup to stunning views and random pretty things that she thinks are awesome 🙂


Megan (Account: MeganJaneLillie) is up next.  I find that Megan’s photos always look so professional and pretty and I love the variety of content!  I love the splashes of pink throughout her account 🙂


Who doesn’t love Jemma’s feed though?  (Account: Dorkface)  I know that she was also on my favourite blog list, but this girl is seriously awesome!  She designs amazing pictures and her photos are always so colourful and pretty 🙂  I can’t help but be cheered up whenever I see her photos come up on my feed ♥


Then we have Luanna (Account: Luanna90).  This is a new account I’ve started following recently, but man alive Luanna’s photos are amazing!  I also really love her hair and her fashion style, it’s so gorgeous!!


Anna is another account that I really adore (Account: PinkPerception).  There’s just so much inspiration, her eye makeup is always flawless!  I’ve attempted a couple of her looks before, but never come close to doing them justice!  I love checking out her latest looks 🙂


Terri is one of my favourite accounts for home decor goals!! (Account: DollyDaydreamQueen).  I mean, just look how pretty everything is.  She really has a great eye for colour and style 😀  Plus she shares photos of her cat as well ♥


Another Terri!! (Account: HelloTerriLowe).  I love honestly everything about her account, it’s a great mix of makeup, cats, funny things and more 🙂


Finally, there’s Hayley!! (Account: TeaPartyBeauty)  Hayley is another account whose photos always make me smile 🙂  Her cat is wearing a bow tie!  A FRICKING BOW TIE!  LOOK AT HIM!  (I’ve never loved a cat that wasn’t my own before, but Buddy is so gosh darned cute!)  Oh and she posts photos of make-up as well.


Who are you favourite Instagram accounts?  What kinds of feeds do you love?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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