Favourite Instagram Accounts | Part Two

I haven’t done one of these for absolutely ages and, as I’ve found some many more beautiful Instagram accounts since my first post, (if you haven’t checked out that one yet, you can read it here) I thought I’d do a part two to share more of my favourite accounts with you all!

First up is Kayleigh (Account: Very Berry Cosmo)  She’s such a lovely genuine person and I follow her blog and Twitter  as well.  Her Instagram feed is just full of gorgeous photos of herself, delicious meals that she’s had and loads of beautiful make-up related flatlays.


Next we have The Lucky Dip Club run by Leona (Account: Lucky Dip Club).  The Lucky Dip Club is an incredibly funky sock and enamel pin subscription box service and, although I haven’t actually subscribed to their boxes myself yet, I absolutely love that their feed is so ridiculously bright and cheerful.  It’s impossible to feel sad whenever I stumble across any of their pictures while browsing ❤  If you want to find out more about the subscription boxes, then you can check out their website or their Twitter page 🙂

Lucky dip club.png

Rhianna is another blogger I absolutely love (Account: Rhiannaoliviab).  Her photos are always beautiful and I’m just loving that stunning rose gold and white R cup, I think I need my own (but obviously with an H on it!!!)  You can find her over on Twitter and don’t forget to check out her blog as well 🙂


The Blogging Gals is a platform set up to help other bloggers get together and offer support to each other (Account: blogginggals).  They have a really great online presence and their photos are just beautiful; they also share photos taken by other bloggers.  You can also check out their website as well.

Blogging Gals.png

Last, but by no means least, I’m loving Sarah’s feed so much! (Account: TempSec)  Her feed is a relatively new find for me, but she has some gorgeous photos on her Instagram feed and just look at her absolutely gorgeous doggy!!! <3  I love the simplicity of her photos and the way she doesn’t try to add too much detail in.  She also blogs over at Temporary Secretary if you want to check that out!!

Temporary Secretary.png

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment, maybe it’s your own?  Whoever you’re loving, let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. haha, those daffodils I posted a photo of look so sad! I’m waiting for the rest of them to go floppy now! Thanks for the shout out on this blogpost, Holly. I really appreciate it. (Bonnie says thank you too!) Happy Friday and have a super lovely weekend! xxx

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