An Evening In The Garden

Last Friday the sun was out and by the time I got home after work, it was still really warm so we dragged the patio furniture out and chilled out in the garden with some Prosecco* from Premier Estates Wine. They were at the Blogosphere Cover Reveal Party and got in touch after the event to see if I wanted to try some more of their wine ♥ Yes, I believe I absolutely did thank you very much! 

I’m not exactly a massive drinker but I do like a cheeky wine every now and then! And this one is pretty damned fine 🙂

It was really nice to be able to chill out and actually enjoy our garden as it’s not something we’ve had the chance to do this year. It’s also romantic and date-like and we don’t have to spend any money to do it!


Of course it’s all fine and dandy trying to be romantic with candles and wine outside, until the slightest breeze blows your sodding candle out. This is why we can’t have nice things. Except we can, because we have a Vlam table fire*.

It comes with two little removable dishes so you can either pop a tealight in it (included) or  use the oil tank for a much bigger flame, which also works well at keeping you warm! The Vlam table fire comes complete with an extinguisher so you don’t have any awkward burning or face hand moments. Because a trip to A&E is not romantic. 

We’ve only tried the tealight so far because you need bio-ethanol (methylated spirit) in order to use the oil tank and it’s not something we have in the house 🙁


My favourite feature though has to be the glass dome because Bear tries sticking his face in any candles and oil burners I try to use. Every single time. Which means I could never light any candles, well until now! Yay!


The Vlam table fire is available from but they very, very kindly gifted me TWO so that I could give one away in my blog birthday giveaway next month, so stayed tuned for that 😉

What’s your idea of a perfect summer’s evening? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was kindly sent two (one to review and one to give away) but views (both opinion and landscape – see what I did there?) are my own.


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