A Chatty Catch-Up | July 2020

July was a pretty good month overall πŸ™‚ I’m still working from home, which has been lovely πŸ™‚ Although lockdown restrictions have eased, we haven’t gone anywhere, apart from the supermarket for our weekly shop. I’m not really in a hurry to go anywhere, although I am missing IKEA!!

Anyway, here’s what my July looked like πŸ™‚


I was approached by Shake Shack to try their new Brighton takeout only store (available from Deliveroo)!! J and I had burgers, fries and a shake each and I wrote a review post about our meal!

What I’ve loved:

I randomly stumbled upon Disney Emoji Blitz on the Play Store and I’ve been obsessed ever since!! It’s a “get the same icons in a row” game and they’re all different Disney emojis. You can play daily challenges, complete level missions and earn virtual coins to buy new emojis to play with!

I also treated myself to a couple of enamel pins. The door pin came from DorkFace. It’s Boo’s door from Monster’s Inc and goes so well with my Sully pin. (I think I need a Mike Wasowski and Boo pin to go with them now).

This jar of fireflies pin (it glows in the dark) and Golden Gate Bridge Polaroid pin came from Etsy. There are so many beautiful designs which you can check out on her website or Etsy page πŸ™‚

*Boring adult paragraph alert*

Ever since I’ve had to buy my own washing powder, I’ve bought the cheapest because it saves money and it still cleans everything. However, the Asda Smartprice washing powder doesn’t really smell of anything. That means my clothes look clean but don’t smell like they’ve just been washed 😭

I decided to get a different one and went for Asda’s Tropical Powder! It smells absolutely incredible and I love it! My clothes now smell amazing, even when they’ve been in the drawer for ages β™₯️🌴

Home and garden:

I’ve talked about this on the blog before, but our landscaper did a pretty shit job building the fence that runs between us and next door. The fence panels looked really cheap. Plus the ground on our neighbour’s side is lower than ours, so when the posts went in, our side looked great but the neighbour had loads of concrete showing πŸ™

We spent a lot of last year digging out our garden to make it the same level as next door. The idea was that we would then dig out all the posts and re-do them so they looked better for our neighbour! Fun times! 😐😐

We decided to buy new fence panels to replace the old ones and we wanted to finally start building the fence at the back of the garden too!! Luckily we bought the fence panels just before lockdown but we weren’t so lucky with the posts!

Due to covid19, it seemed like everywhere was out of stock!! A couple of weekends ago, we finally found some posts so we drove over to pick them up! We had great fun trying to get them in the car so the weight was distributed evenly, but we managed it! We even managed to get one put in the ground and put a couple of our new fence panels up too!!

It’s starting to look much better and we put up the corner panels first so that we could level out the flowerbed to allow me to plant our cherry tree πŸ’πŸŒΈ

Finally, don’t forget to check out my amazing advertiser:

Kathleen Natural is a premium skin care brand, based in the UK, who have a passion for all things natural and organic. They have an incredible range of products and I’ve reviewed the Illuminating Serum, the Sonic Facial Cleanser and their brand new shower gels and body oils on my blog πŸ™‚ They’re also on Twitter and Instagram as well 🌸🌸🌸

What did you get up to in July? Did you do anything fun? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. In the last month i’ve hardly been out, only really to town. It’s crazy how different this summer has been. I’ve never tried Shake Shack but it looks amazing

  2. This July sounds incredible!! I love that you did so much that I loved. Haha! I visited Shake Shack when I was in London last year and their truffle fries were so yummy!! I love all of those pins too – I really want to collect some Disney ones! I mostly have Potter ones, a collectible VE Day one and some charity ones! I need more of my fandoms!

    My mental health didn’t get any worse during July if that counts! lmao! I did a lot of reading which was amazing.

    Daisy xoxo | According to Daisy

    1. Thanks Daisy πŸ™‚ Ooooh, I want truffle fries now! I have quite a few HP pins and was lucky enough to get some Buffy pins too πŸ™‚ Oh that does count, I’m really glad to hear that and reading loads is a great way to spend time πŸ™‚ xx

  3. I really love those pins! I have official Disney pins from when I went last year, but these look so much better and seem a lot more affordable! Thank you for introducing the 2 pin websites – I am going to be treating myself to some!

    Love, Em x

    1. I’m so jealous, I have one official Disney pin that I won, but when I went to Disneyland Paris, I didn’t collect pins then so I didn’t buy any!! I have 3 pin posts so if you’re looking for new pins, there are loads of links to pin websites on them πŸ™‚ x

    1. Thanks, although I don’t like pubs anyway lol!! I really miss the sea though, haven’t been there in months. Pin collecting is so much fun πŸ™‚ xx

    1. I’m a sucker for pins but I’ve almost run out of room on my display board lol! Ahh, the food was so good, I’m still thinking about it now! x

  4. I’m still getting over the photo of the Shake Shack meal, it looks so good 🀀
    And I can’t believe your gardener thought that was okay?! The fence is definitely looking better though, hopefully it all turns out well!

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

    1. It was so good, I’m still thinking about Shake Shack!! πŸ™‚ Yeah, the job ended up being bigger than they budgeted for so they cut a lot of corners further down the project!! Thanks, we’re getting on well with it, so that part should be completed by the end of August … Then we just have the rest of the garden to fence (our other neighbours have their own fences separating the gardens but they’re a bit crap!) x

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