“You Time” With Clinique*

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to a Clinique event at Debenhams (in Brighton) for an evening of fun, food and trying out some of their new products.

Well, except I made a slight error as I thought the event was actually on the Thursday before that and dragged Áine with me all unnecessarily!! (Although we also had the Hollywood Bowl event that evening as well, so at least we didn’t leave the comfort of our warm houses for nothing!!)

Anyway, back to the actual event at hand. Áine, Georgia, Joanne and I met up with Katy to learn more about Clinique’s You Time which offers 6 different skin or makeup services, entirely centred around you. Oh and it’s also free! You can either book an appointment or pop in to one of their nationwide counters and get your brows done, have a quick facial or even get an eye makeover; complete with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara!

The idea is that the services, which take between 10 and 20 minutes, are designed to allow you to take some time out for yourself, get a fully customised treatment or makeup session and get to try out something new. There’s no pressure to buy afterwards either but you do get a list of everything used, so if you want to buy any of the products, you know exactly what to pick up 🙂

We were there to try out two of their You Time services; the Flawless Fast and Pick Your Pout.

Flawless Fast was a detailed lesson in finding my perfect foundation match. Katy asked me loads of questions about my skin (which is dry, occasionally oily and slightly spotty – thanks period!!) and how I like my foundation to look and feel. Based on my answers, she chose the Clinique Superbalanced foundation in 01. It felt really lightweight and left my face looking absolutely flawless, I couldn’t stop staring at it once I got home and didn’t really want to take it off! #sovain

Pick Your Pout was, unsurprisingly, about all things lip. We started off with some Superbalm Lip Treatment to hydrate my lips. And then as I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone more this year, I opted for the Clinique Liquid Matte Lip Colour in Black Licorice Pop. I really loved it and the pigmentation was immense! The lipstick also includes an in-built primer for a “smooth, even glide.”

It was really lovely to get the time to try out different products and chat through my concerns with someone who knows what they’re talking about. I’d much rather chat to someone than stand in an aisle swatching foundations for ages because I don’t know which shade I should be choosing or what kind of coverage I want.

After the event, we all popped down to the Clinique counter and got to check out one of their exciting new launches as well! Clinique have collaborated with Crayola (yep, the crayon company) to launch a limited edition collection of 8 stunning lip colours in a variety of beautiful shades. They’re available individually, in a collection box of 8 or a box of 4 minis. I think these are going to sell out super fast!! I can’t stop eyeing them up but at £17.50 each or £35 for the full box of 8, I’m not sure I’ll be getting any as I already have so many lip colours that I need to start wearing more!! That being said, if someone were to buy them for me, I wouldn’t exactly say no 😉 #hinthint

I was also given a gorgeously bright goody bag with some fab products inside ♥ Pep Start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser, a mini sample of Sweetheart Pop lip colour, Pep Start eye cream, a little kit with duo eyeshadow and blush, Dramatically Different moisturising lotion and their High Impact mascara  🙂

Are you a fan of Clinique and have you ever taken advantage of one of their You Time services? If you haven’t which one would you be tempted by? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*I was invited by the venue to review but views are my own.

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  1. what a great event! I wish there was one where I live! I like Clinique a lot!
    sorry you got the wrong date – it’s sooo confusing!

    Inside and Outside Blog

    1. I’m usually really good and at least we had something else to do on the wrong evening lol. Have you tried checking Twitter for events near you? x

  2. Haha, why does it not surprise me you went on the wrong date! 😉
    Glad you had fun! I really wanted to go but had Hypnobirthing, bit different! Haha!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. I don’t know much to be honest, Katy was asking what kind of finish I wanted and what coverage …. I have no idea! I’m keen to learn though!

  3. It was such a fun evening playing with all the makeup and devouring all of the crisps and biscuits! High fives batman

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