So Natural Cosmetics Review*

As you can probably guess by the title and the photo above, today’s post is all about So Natural Cosmetics! They’re a UK brand who hand-make 100% natural and plant-based products. They’re also vegan, palm oil and GM free, plus they don’t use synthetic or mineral oil-based additives!!

They very kindly sent me some of the products in their range and I’m going to tell you more about them and what I thought!

So foamy hand wash (£6.95):
Their foamy hand wash is organic, vegan and very gentle on skin. It’s made from pure organic vegetable oils and it’s kind to the environment so there aren’t any additives entering the water system! The hand wash has hints of ho wood, petitgrain and vetivert essential oils.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of the smell and it lingered on my hands for hours. If you like the essential oils in the hand wash and smells that last for ages, you’ll probably really love it; it just wasn’t for me.

That aside, the hand wash itself left my hands feeling soft. As you can imagine, I’ve been washing them loads more than normal since the corona virus outbreak so my hands have been left looking and feeling really dry!! The pump dispenser is super easy to use and you don’t need much foam at all to thoroughly clean your hands.

So effective waterproof makeup remover (£9.95 for 100g):

Their vegan makeup remover contains cold pressed olive oil, organic castor oil, witch hazel and added vitamin E. It’s really kind to skin and it’s suitable for all skin types. As well as removing make up, it also soothes and moisturises, leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed.

This make-up remover is lovely! It’s unscented which I prefer and it’s been incredibly gentle on my skin. It claims to remove waterproof make-up, so I tried it out with my Boots waterproof mascara, plus some eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. I hardly had to use any of the remover for all traces of the make-up to be wiped off! It didn’t burn or sting my eyes and it left my skin feeling soft and moisturised. The make-up remover isn’t greasy either which is something I’ve found with other removers I’ve used before! Plus as I’m not wearing make-up much at the moment, it’s going to last ages!!

So effective deodorant stick (£8.95):

This natural deodorant is made from pure vegetable oils and plant-based actives. It nourishes your armpit skin with coconut oil and cocoa butter. It’s effective for up to 12 hours and although it doesn’t stop you sweating (because it’s not an antiperspirant), it does neutralise any unappealing smells! It has a subtle fresh, clean and invigorating aroma of Spearmint essential oil.

I really liked this deodorant stick. It might be compact but it does the job fantastically! I put this on at nighttime just before bed. I know it’s gross but I sweat a lot when I’m asleep and my armpits haven’t smelt when I wake up! When I get up in the mornings, I wash my pits, reapply the deodorant and it’s lasts all day! I’m very impressed with this and it doesn’t stain clothing either which is a massive bonus!

So gentle liquid soap (£6.95):

This is an organic, vegan natural castile liquid soap. It’s made from pure organic sunflower and coconut oils that are kind to your skin and the environment. It’s incredibly versatile as it can also be used as a shaving soap, bubble bath and natural shampoo. You can even use it to wash your clothes, use it as a pet shampoo and even for general household cleaning (if you dilute it first).

First up, I tried it out as a natural shampoo. I feel like this is more of a clarifying shampoo because it did leave my hair feeling a bit dry afterwards but all the build-up of products on my hair were gone!! It also worked really well to wash my body and left my skin feeling so soft and moisturised!! I love that the smell isn’t too strong with this product. I also tried it out as a hand wash and I definitely prefer this one over the foamy hand wash!

I also used it as a household cleaner on the bathroom sink and it left my sink looking really clean and shiny! I dyed my hair recently and it also got rid of some of the hair dye stains in the bath too!!

I’m really intrigued to try it out to wash my clothes but I won’t be using it as a pet shampoo because Mr Bear would kill me lol

So effective deodorant liquid gel (£8.95):

The vegan liquid deodorant gel contains odour fighting ingredients including sodium bicarbonate, natural rice starch and lemon ester. It also contains soothing aloe vera, witch hazel and cucumber extract. To use it, you just put a small (pea-size) amount of gel onto your finger, rub into your armpits and allow it to dry for a minute or so. You’re then completely protected for 12 hours.

I absolutely love the smell of this because it has spearmint in it, which is one of my favourite minty smells!! It just smells so fresh 💚💚 (This also comes in a non-scented version if you’re not a fan of mint.) It dries really quickly and has definitely been keeping my armpits smelling amazing! Like the deodorant stick, this one doesn’t stop you sweating, but it does eliminate any bad smells when you do sweat! It doesn’t stain clothes either 🙂

So versatile ultra gel (£8.95):

When they say it’s versatile, they really mean it! You can use it as a refreshing skin conditioner, a hand softener, a hair styling gel and even a personal lubricant. It’s just a blend of linseed extract combined with water, glycerine, aloe vera plus a natural thickener. It’s a light gel with no greasy residue that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Ideal for those working indoors, in air-conditioned offices or handling goods.

This gel has been absolutely wonderful for my face. It’s definitely great for a hydration boost, plus it leaves my skin feeling so soft!!

It’s also really fantastic product to smooth down frizzy and flyaway hairs. I have plenty of frizz and it worked like a charm on my hair without making sticky or greasy!! The linseed binds moisture to hair which helps to reduce breakage and spilt ends; it’s been perfect for months without being able to go to a hairdresser lol!!

I really enjoyed trying out some natural products and I think my favourites were the deodorant liquid gel, closely followed by the ultra gel!! The prices seem really reasonable to me and they offer free shipping on orders over £30! They also sell reusable make-up pads, body wash, face masks, moisturising cream and more 🙂

I just want to say a massive thank you to So Natural Cosmetics for sending me these products to try out!!

Have you tried anything from So Natural Cosmetics before? What would you want to try? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*These products were kindly sent to me to review but views are my own.

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    1. Although the products are more expensive than non-vegan brands, I feel like the pricing is definitely comparable to other vegan/organic brands 🙂 Plus the products have been lasting me for months!!

  1. I’m a huge sucker for vegan and all natural products. Will definitely have to give these a try! Thanks for sharing x

    1. I’m definitely trying to make better decisions when it comes to picking up skin and make up products!! I hope you love the products as much as I do x

  2. I absolutely loveeee the sound of this brand! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I particularly love the sound of the deodorant stick – I can get a bit sweaty at night-time too so this might be a good investment for me haha! xxx

    1. You’re welcome lovely! Ahaha, yep I’ll definitely be buying more when mine runs out, it’s been a life-saver!! 🙂 xx

  3. The So Versatile ultra gel sounds like a fab product, I love products that can be used for loads of different things!xx

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