Sleek Products Review

I recently bought a new Sleek palette and eyebrow kit so I thought I’d let you know what I thought!

First up for review is the Sleek Brow Kit (Light). To be honest, I bought it as Boots only had one eyeshadow palette I wanted and I didn’t have the patience or the wet wipes to be trying out lipsticks and glosses.

You take the tiny (and very cute – the 5p is for scale) angled brush, put it in the pigmented wax, (1) apply over your eyebrows and then apply the other brush covered in the powder (2) to set the wax.


The idea seems so simple. Well it is, it’s simple and amazing. I do spend an extra couple of minutes getting ready now, but that’s only because my still-sleepy self cannot pick the tiny brushes up first or second go! I imagine that would be an easy task if I were to take out the tiny tweezers, but they’re so adorable and I like looking at them 😀

Eyebrowbefore     Eyebrowafter

  • First Impressions: I really love the result of the Sleek Brow Kit, it’s made my eyebrows look fuller, thicker and natural (from a personal space enough distance!) It lasted all day and didn’t smear when I wore it to work and absent-mindedly rubbed my eyes! I can’t believe I’ve never tried a brow kit before!
  • Value for money: It costs £8.49 (from Boots) which I’m not sure I would have paid if it weren’t for the 2 for £10 offer.
  • Will I use it again?: Definitely, I’m so glad I bought it now and will probably buy more when it runs out!
  • Verdict: 5/5.


Next up is the Original palette and I love it just as much as I knew I would. Sleek really have yet to let me down!


I especially like the fact they give you ideas on the back of the boxes, so I thought I’d try it out and show you the result.


I love this look, it definitely brings out the brown in my eyes 🙂 And I love the fact I get to use green!!


  • First Impressions:  I think The Thames, E10, Hyde Park and Penny Farthing are my favourite colours so far! They’re all so shimmery and pigmented.
  • Value for money: I think £7.99 is a great price to pay. (That’s about 67p per eyeshadow!)
  • Will I use it again?: I can’t wait to try out all the colours and test them out properly.
  • Verdict: 5/5.

Have you tried the brow kit, what did you think? Are you a Sleek lover, if so, which is your favourite palette? x

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