My HD Brow Journey | Part One

It’s no secret that my eyebrows are a bit shit.  I thought it was because I over-plucked them when thin brows were all the rage in the 1990s.  It turns out it’s actually mostly genetics as all the women on my mum’s side of the family have barely-there brows!

This year I decided to take the plunge and look into getting my brows done properly.  I was realistic, I knew I wasn’t going to come out of the salon with brows that could be mistaken for Cara Delevingne’s, but I hoped that I could achieve a slightly thicker brow.

I’ve seen several posts and videos on microblading, and although for the most part they look fab, I have seen some that do look a bit shit and I didn’t really want to go for that level of commitment.

So I decided to go to By Emily instead, who is not only qualified to do HD brows, she’s also a Nouveau eyelash technician as well!

Even through our Facebook chats, she was really lovely, answered all my questions and really put me at ease!  Once I’d booked in, I stopped plucking my brows immediately and started using my Gosh brow serum on them religiously.  I definitely saw more hairs coming through, even if they were really blond!!

This is how I’d normally pencil in my brows; as you can see I do them quite high because the pencil seems to work better on the higher hairs than the lower ones 🙁

A couple of weeks before my appointment, she sent me out a patch test to make sure I wasn’t allergic to the dye that would be used to tint my brows.  It was like a temporary tattoo; I had to put the paper on my skin (near my elbow) and wet it until the transfer came off.  I did mine two days before my appointment so that Emily could check it out and make sure there was no reaction.

On the day I was absolutely terrified, but I headed over to her home-based beauty room in Angmering.  She was just as lovely in person and really put me at ease.

She explained that she’d start by tinting my brows (with whatever colour I wanted),then she’d check out the hair growth and see if I still had follicles there.  Once the tint was on, she would start to work out the shape.  I had no idea what sort of shape I wanted, so I left it up to her to choose what would work best for my face shape.  She then waxed off the unwanted hairs, which wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be 😀  I’m just glad she didn’t thread them as I’ve heard that really bloody hurts!!

She showed me the result before filling in my brows with pencil to show me how I can do it myself at home.  Although the shape looked amazing, she only had really dark pencils so it looked a bit too dramatic for me once she’d filled them.

Once I got home, I re-did them myself with my NYX pencil in taupe and absolutely loved them ♥  I really love the shape that she created, it definitely looks a lot more natural and one of my friends at work said they looked absolutely amazing 😀  The colour looks a lot dark in “real-life” but I just couldn’t get a good photo!!

I do still have gaps in my brows, but I’m going to carry on using brow serum and hopefully return to Emily with more hairs for her to tint!!  I can’t believe how confident and sassy I feel with better brows and I wish I’d done it sooner now!!  It cost me £25 which I think is great value for money 😀

Are you an HD brow fan or have you gone down the microblading route?  Maybe you leave your brows alone?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*This post isn’t sponsored and I’ve not received anything for writing it, I was just incredibly happy with my brows and wanted to share!!

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  1. Just come across your blog 🙂 This a really helpful post; I’ve been considering HD brows, they definitely look worth it…Now I’m 30, my brows seem to be thinning, I’m blaming hormones!
    Life inside the Locket

    1. I’d say it’s definitely worth giving it a go and see what they can do! Plus once you’re happy with the colour, shape and thickness, you could change to just a tint and wax 🙂 x

    1. Thank you, I’m really happy with them so far! I odn’t know if any more hairs will grow, but at least I have a good shape now 😀 I think yours look absolutely fab 🙂 xxx

  2. Brows are the bane of our lives aren’t they! I was looking into microblading but I agree with you, I’m not wanting that kind of commitment either! I’ve been using rapidbrow growth serum over the last few months and I’ve had such good results. My brows are much fuller nowadays. Yours look great Holly! Glad you love them.

    Samantha x

    1. I’ve heard some good things about rapidbrow, but I’m not sure I want to pay that price for it!! Before I started blogging, I’d never been bothered by my brows, but everyone’s look so full and lovely! x

  3. I have my brows HD and I have done for around 18 months now, I love them. My eyebrows are naturally very light so it makes a lot of difference to my face when I have them redone. The shape is fab and my eyebrow lady is great. Definitely worth the money! Yours look fab x

  4. Wow your eyebrows are looking fabulous now! I remember the days of over plucking, its taken me years to grow my brows back!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

    1. Thank you! I know they have a long way to go, especially as there are so many gaps, but I love the new shape and fillnig them in is so much easier now 😀 x

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