Fresh Naturals Review*

When the lovely Fliss at Fresh Naturals got in touch to offer me a couple of her sample products, I thought she was going to send just that. One, maybe two things. Instead she sent a whole array and I’ve been spending the last six weeks trying everything out. And I still have loads left!

I was immediately impressed by Fresh Naturals as everything’s handmade and 100% natural and cruelty-free!!

All the products on the website are clearly labelled and there are dedicated sections for vegan products, paraben-free and even fragrance-free. Everyone is catered for and the prices are really reasonable.

I’ve never had so many baths as I wanted to try out all the bath salts and bath bombs! So what did I get?

Fresh Naturals Bath Bombs

From L-R: The Ultimate Body Balm which is great for any really dry skin patches, the Tea Tree Face Mask which can be used as a thin layer every day or a thicker layer once a week, a Full Body Detox bath bomb and a Lemon Sorbet bath bomb. The pouch in the middle is a buffer bag, which is the most ingenious of devices. You can either put soaps and soaks in the bag and hang it under the tap so you don’t get any of the bits in the bath or you can use it like you would a muslin cloth. You can also pop the soaps inside and use as an exfoliator!

Fresh Naturals Bath Salts

From L-R: Damask Rose Dead Sea Salts, Chamomile Bath Fizz, Tea Tree Essential Oil Bath Salts and the Rose and Vanilla Bath Fizz. Trust me when I say that these all made the parcel smell absolutely incredible. There was a really good amount in all the packets and I still have absolutely loads left! (The sponge is my own, thought it would be good for props.)

Fresh Naturals Soaps

From L-R: Olive Oil Soap, Peppermint and Cornflower Sugar Scrub, Tea Tree and Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub, Vanilla and Coffee Bean Solid Moisturiser, Shampoo and Shaving Soaps, and the Avocado Oil Soap. The peppermint is probably my winner as I love minty smells and it’s great for popping in the buffer bag for extra exfoliation! It also means you don’t get that awkward moment when you drop the soap and manage to smack your head on the taps on the way back up. So. Many. Times!! 

One of my favourite products so far has been the Tea Tree face mask. It’s left my skin feeling so soft and smooth and has helped clear up any spots I’ve had! I don’t think it’s available on the website just yet, but it’s definitely one of the products you should keep your eye out for!

I’ve also loved the lemon bath bomb (I’m saving the other one for a rainy day) and the chamomile bath fizz. They’ve both felt so relaxing and left my skin feeling soft afterwards. Plus the smell was just divine 🙂

I like that none of the products smell overpowering and that I know everything is 100% cruelty free. I’m currently eyeing up their mini soaps!

Have you tried Fresh Naturals before? What do you think your favourite product would be? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR samples but views and baby-soft skin are all my own.

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  1. I’m such a bath addict, these products sound right up my street! I love that everything is cruelty free and that they have such a variety of products! | Amy x

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