My Favourite Places In London*

I love being a tourist in London, there’s always something new to go every time and there’s so much variety. I’m really lucky that I only live about an hour away by train so it’s easy to pop up and spend a day there. Plus the Tube will get you to any destination quickly! 

I thought I’d share my list of some of my favourite things to do in London!

Covent Garden – It’s such a lively corner of London, with a range of lovely shops (a lot of which are designer; Mulberry or Rolex anyone?) and quirky places to eat, drink or just to pick up pudding afterwards. There are also markets on every day selling jewellery, handmade soaps, artwork, sweets and more. If you need a sit down after all that browsing, you can sit and watch one of the street entertainers. Plus you can find all the makeup you’d ever want with stores including; Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury and Kiko ♥

221b Baker Street – If you’re a massive fan of Sherlock Holmes, it’s definitely worth taking a small detour, although expect it to be super busy with people queuing up around the block to take photos on the doorstep of one of London’s most famous addresses. (Just a word of warning though, this actually isn’t the house from the most recent TV show, the exterior of that is actually filmed over in Camden!)

London Eye – There’s nothing like taking a trip on the London Eye and getting to see everything London has to offer! It’s a fun game of spot the landmark and you can even try and see if the Queen is at home in Buckingham Palace 🙂 To get discounted tickets for this and many other attractions, you can go to Discount London*. If you combine your tickets with other attractions, you can save even more money!

British Museum – It’s not a well-known fact, but I’m a sucker for museums and the British one is definitely one of my favourites. Best of all, it’s absolutely free to get in 😀 My favourite exhibit is the Egyptian mummies; it’s slightly macabre, but absolutely fascinating stuff!!

The Harry Potter Tour – If you’re a Harry Potter fan or absolute film buff then this one’s for you! This tour takes you behind the scenes of the film franchise and you get to step into the world of Harry Potter with props galore! You can explore the Great Hall, Professor Snape’s potions classroom and even the Forbidden forest! Tickets can be expensive and slots are booked up well in advance, but it’s so worth doing if you have the time 🙂

Trafalgar Square – If you want to be a proper tourist, there’s nothing more touristy than heading to Trafalgar Square to see Nelson’s Column (no, you’re giggling) and the famous lion statues. The National Gallery is nearby, if that’s your thing. From here you could easily head to Knightsbridge (home of Harrods), Soho or even Piccadilly Circus!

Where are your favourite places to go in London? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*This was a collaborative post with Discount London but views are all my own.

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  1. That’s so awesome! Thanks! Can’t wait to check them all out once I get to Londen in April 😀
    So far my favourit place is right in front of Tower Bridge, though there’s so much I haven’t seen yet!
    Love, Tara

  2. E5 Bakehouse in London Fields and Broadway Market for the “rich hipster” spotting and food 🙂 Sodo pizza in Clapton is ace and walking around Hackney Wick when there’s arty events on is also a delight! xxxx

  3. Did you go into the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221b? It’s really interesting.
    Despite being a lifelong Londoner I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace (It’s for tourists😁). My favourite places include the National Gallery, Camden (dawdle along the canal), and there’s some quirky museums like the Toy Museum (Which has a train in the garden).

    1. No, we didn’t have time as we were on our way to an event, but happened to go past it!

      I used to love going to Camden as a teen, but once I started my own goth shop, I realised how much they inflated the prices and it kinda ruined it for me lol

  4. I’m heading to London again soon and can’t wait to be a tourist again! I’m looking for places to check out and Harry Potter is high on the list! I’m a little bit too scared to try the London Eye! x


    1. It’s so much fun because there’s something for everyone 🙂 It doesn’t go very fast, but I guess it depends if you like heights? x

    1. Yeah, it’s gotta be done!! I love traipsing about London (when it’s not too hot lol). I’ll be going to Harry Potter again in July 🙂 xx

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