My Perfect Christmas Party


To be honest, I feel awkward around large groups of people and I don’t really like drinking much, so I’m a massive fan of the under-stated, quiet house-party (sorry Noel, not that kind; Mr Blobby isn’t invited). 

You know the kind though, you eat so much you feel a bit sick, you laugh until your makeup runs down your face and some kind of fizzy drink shoots out of your nose. This to me represents the perfect kind of party with my friends. That’s exactly what happened last year. My boyfriend and I had 3 other couples over for a small party, complete with “bring a dish” and Secret Santa. (It’s always good to send out your invites early, just in case your friends have *gasp* other plans!)

The outfit:

I wore my Robin Christmas jumper, obviously (from Next) and teamed it with a purple tartan skirt (also from Next), a pair of thick black tights and a pair of black Converse.Robin Christmas Sweat Top:

The decorations:

If you read my previous post, you’ll know we have a bit of a theme in our house; a black tree, black tinsel and a black wreath. We had the Christmas bunting up. Oh, and Martin. Obviously.




The food and drink:

Party food is always where it’s at for me; a table groaning under the weight of samosas, mini pizzas, tempura prawns, crisps, chilli cheese bites, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and other tasty snacks all courtesy of Asda. We had wine, soft drinks, beer and mulled cider. It’s the main place where everyone congregated and caught up with each other, whilst stuffing their faces to their heart’s content!

The party game:

In amongst sitting and chatting with each other and catching up on life, we played the best party game; called The Paper Game, isn’t it such an original title?


  • Everyone has to write 6 words on 6 separate pieces of paper ( any word in the English language, except people’s names).
  • Fold all the bits of paper up and place them in a hat, bowl, shoe or appropriate vessel.
  • Divide yourselves into two teams, we generally go for men vs women.
  • Round One: The first member has to get up and has one minute to pick out as many pieces of paper and describes the word written without using the actual word for their team-mates. For example, if you pick up DOG, you can say “it woofs”, “the babies are called puppies” etc. When your team guesses the word, move on to the next until the time runs out. (generally our words are usually food based, with loads of rude things interspersed!)
  • Every word is worth one point and someone needs to keep track.
  • If you have no idea what the word is, you can put it back for someone else to try! When all the pieces of paper have been guessed correctly, put them back in the bowl for Round Two!
  • Round Two is the charades round 😀 Watching drunk people trying to mime words is amazing! Again, everyone gets a minute on the clock to mime as many words as possible. Once they’ve all been done, it’s Round Three time!
  • Round Three is where you can only describe the word written with ONE word! This sounds difficult, but usually you remember a lot of the words from the previous two rounds.
  • The winning team is the one with the most points after three rounds!

What’s your idea of a perfect party? Are you more of a go out and party person or a stay at home party person? x

*This post was a collaboration with Paperless Post*


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