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Happy World Stationery Day everyone!! Not only does it happen to be World Stationery Day today, it’s also National Stationery Week. So I thought to celebrate, I’d share some of my favourite stationery because everyone loves pretty things; especially stationery, right? 

First up are one of my favourite things ever; the good old notebook! I love collecting notebooks (it could be said that I probably own too many) because they’re always handy to jot down ideas, shopping lists or house measurements for decorating purposes. They also look pretty to having around the house on coffee tables 🙂

The notebook on the left is from one of my favourite bloggers ever. I bought it from Jemma’s (Dorkface) Etsy shop and although this specific mountain design is no longer available, she has some really gorgeous spring flower notebooks in at the moment and they’re only £2.50. The notebooks are blank so you can use them for doodling, writing or anything else you can think of! She also sells beautiful prints and stickers for bullet journals ♥

The middle notebook is just beautiful and perfect for using in blog photos 😀 It’s the Kate Spade gold polka dots spiral notebook. There are plenty of pages and they’re all lined for ease of writing. This stunning notebook is from* and costs £11.95. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but look at how pretty and spotty it is!!

I love the notebook on the right because it’s where I sometimes write down any ideas for blogging if I’m not near my phone or laptop (yes, that really does happen sometimes!!) The notebook came from That Lame Company, and although that design is no longer available on the website, they have plenty of other amazing designs and loads of cute prints too (There’s a “Blog, Tweet, Snack, Repeat” print which I adore!) Their notebooks start from £3.50.

When it comes to coloured pens, it’s got to be about that Stabilo* life! I grew up using these pens (not these exact ones, obvs, I expect they’d have run out of ink by now) and they’re always reliable with bold colours and long-lasting nibs! These pens write so nicely and make plain notebook pages look fab! They’d be perfect for any bullet journal lover 🙂

If you’re looking for funky pens for any occasion, Edding* has you covered! They have all sorts of pens; chalk markers, calligraphy pens, gold markers and fine liners ♥ I love the giant highlighter pen holder and might have to take it to work with me!!

If you’re looking for all things funky and bright, then you might love this watermelon ballpoint pen (also from Stabilo*), these absolutely blimmin’ cute little cactus page markers from Mustard* (I want their cactus desk organiser so badly, I might hint to J for my birthday!) and this gorgeous pink and black notebook from Nu* 🙂

Are you a stationery addict? Where’s your go-to place for great stationery? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*These products were kindly sent to me but views and love of stationery are my own.

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  1. Love love love a bit of stationery! I too own way too many notebooks some which I have never used as they are too pretty to write in!
    I adore those cactus markers!

  2. THERE’S A STATIONERY DAY?!? As a stationery junkie I’m ashamed that I didn’t know this – lovely pens and notebooks by the way!

  3. I want all stationery. I may also have a notebook problem…I’ve managed to pack them all for storage for when I get back though lol. All of the colourful stationery. I recently picked up a 4 colour pen from bic but it has purple, green, blue and pink shades! I’ve started using it for my bullet journal because I’ve 4 in 1 and it’s handy to chuck in my bag. Whoop.

    Honestly Aine

    1. Lol notebooks are amazing, I have loads. Then I don’t use them because they’re too nice lol. I love 4 coloured pens but never got into the bullet journal thing!!

  4. Love it! All your stationery is so cute!! Especially love the Cactus Page Markers and Dorkface Notebook! I’m a huge stationery addict – usually shop in John Lewis/Paperchase/Wilkos.

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