The April Paperhaul Stationery Box*

Firstly, I want to say I’m super sorry that I’m a couple of months late posting this review. All I can say is that it was ridiculously bad planning on my part. That being said, it shouldn’t take away the excitement of the reveal, because who knows, this could be something you’ve not seen before, so I might be introducing you to something entirely new ūüôā

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Getting Organised With Personal Planner*

When I wrote my blog goals for 2017, I said that I wanted to stay more organised this year, as I found keeping a list of which posts were going out and when really helped me. (Yep, before I started writing them down I had absolutely no clue and often published loads of the same types of posts in a row. Which might work for some people but I love mixing my posts up a bit.)

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Re:So Pop Up Shop | Brighton*

I’ve just got home, I’m tired and hungry but I’m also really excited! Why? Because I’ve just spent time with the lovely Ellisha (SM Manager)¬†and Emma (Visual Merchandising¬†Manager)¬†from Re:So ‘the first fully student-operated retail initiative’. In essence, the store is not only run and marketed solely by the students at Solent University in Southampton, but they also make and design all the products that are¬†showcased in store!

So why am I writing this post and not chilling on the sofa stuffing my face with salmon and lemony, buttery, garlicy sauce? Because they’re only in Brighton until Sunday and honestly guys, you’ve gotta check them out!

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