What’s In My Handbag | 2018

I last did one of these back in 2016 (you can read the post here) so I thought it was time for a bit of an update!!  At the moment I’m using my gorgeous dark green crossbody bag that I picked up from Primark; it was £7 but when I got to the till, it was down to £3 in the sale 😀  I love colour (even though it’s not a colour I’d normally go for) and the beetle detailing on the front.

So what’s inside my bag?

Bus pass – I can’t get around Brighton without it so this in always in my bag.  There’s a little pocket in the lining which holds this card perfectly!!

Phone charger and cable – There’s another bigger pocket in this bag so I use it to store my phone cable so that it doesn’t get damaged.  I also keep my smaller charger in the bag for emergencies, but if I’m going somewhere for a few hours, I’ll try to shove my beast of a charger in the bag instead!

Purse – I got this purse from Primark a while ago, I believe at the same time I got the bag.  I love that it’s mostly plain with just a little metal bow over the popper.  It fits most of my cards (credit, debit and various points cards) and there’s a window section for my driving licence.  There’s a zip up compartment for my change and a section for notes as well 🙂

House keys – These are pretty essential as I can’t actually leave the house without them lol.  I also have the alarm fob, various other keys and a cute little photo of me and J on the rings <3

Car keys – I don’t really drive the car much, but it’s always good to carry them in case of an emergency!!  I put this cute little unicorn keyring on the ring so I can easily see them in my bag!!  I think Jemma gave it to me 🙂

Inhaler – As an asthmatic, I always need my inhaler to hand in case of an attack.  Unfortunately as my work is situated right next to a building site at the moment, I’m needing it a lot more often!!

Vaseline – Just because it’s summer, doesn’t make you can’t get dry and cracked lips!  I always have some to hand, just in case!

Sunglasses – As the weather is currently glorious in the UK, I’ve been shoving in some sunglasses to take with me.  These were originally J’s but as he wears glasses and they’re not prescription ones, he gave them to me 😀  They’re Atletica ones from Mexico!!

Mini Tangle Teezer – This bag is so small that I honestly can’t fit much, so when I got this mini hairbrush, I knew it would be perfect for popping in my bag for sorting out my hair before events 😀

Well, as it’s a small bag, that’s all there is really!!  Do you keep more or less stuff in your bag?  What kind of bag is your favourite to use?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Very surprised when I read you got your bag from Primark! It’s gorgeous. This post isn’t too old so I’m hoping they’ll still have it or similar designs. Such a bargain and my current cross body bag has been used to death!

    I tend to keep a lot more in my bag such as deodorant, hand sanitizer – I once got caught out in a gross public toilet in Paris (long story) so I always carry some now, along with tissues!, headphones, glasses case, pain killers, a pen and my Weight Watchers points calculator.

    1. I know, it really doesn’t look like it’s from Primark!! I haven’t seen it for a while but our store isn’t great! I really need to put a pen in my bag because I always seem to need one x

  2. The bag and purse are both so cute! I love it when you get to the till and get nice surprises like you did with the bag. I just got an Anker phone charger and I love it, not too sure how I lived without it. 🙂

  3. I love that bag, it’s gorgeous and can’t believe it’s from Primark. I definitely want to come shopping with you as you always find the best bargains! Plus I love having a nose into what people carry in their bags, mine has pretty much the same as you as well as at least 4 lipsticks, lol.

    Sharon xx


    1. Yes, we definitely need a shopping trip next time!! I’ve stopped bothering with lipstick for the moment, it just melts off lol xx

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