10 Halloween Facts About Me

I did have a big Halloween post planned, but to be honest, this weekend has been a chill out and re-charge my batteries weekend instead. I did get loads of blog photos taken though, which was great!

So I figured, instead, I could share some Halloween-related facts about me!

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SFX Makeup

While watching some random YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago, it recommended a YouTuber called Cherry Wallis. If you’ve not heard of her before, I’d definitely recommend checking her out.  She not only has a lot of Harry Potter related videos, but loads of SFX makeup videos which I was absolutely enthralled by.  It looked really fun, so I decided I wanted to try some of the looks for myself.  Unfortunately I didn’t own any SFX stuff at all, so I bought a few things from Treasure House of Makeup.

I’ve also been admiring Hayley’s (TeaPartyBeauty) Instagram feed because her Halloween SFX makeup is just fab!!

*disclaimer* If you don’t like seeing bruises and scars, this post probably isn’t for you ♥

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