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So a lot of you who follow me on here, Twitter and Instagram will probably know that I do pole fitness. Every time I mention it, I get asked a lot of questions, and I thought it might be good to do a bit of a Q&A session. Some questions have been asked on Twitter and some are questions I thought you might want to know the answers to πŸ™‚

How did you get into it? – One of my friends decided she wanted to go and asked if I’d go with her. I was absolutely hooked from the start and now go pretty much every week (unless I’m ill or at a blog event). It was fascinating watching the other girls (and guy) doing moves and spins I never thought I’d be able to do and it made me want to improve each week so I could do those moves too!

How long have you been going for? – I’ve been going since December 2015, so just over a year and a half. I still think of myself as a beginner though!

How many people in a class, how long is the class and how often? – Our class isn’t too big and can vary from 3 people attending to about 10 or so! Generally we have 4 poles in the class so there’s only 2 or 3 people to each pole. My class is an hour long which is actually plenty and it’s once a week!! I have done a two hour class before and I was absolutely shattered by the end of it!

How easy is it to get started? () – It’s really easy to get started, just find a class for beginners in your local area and pop along! The class I go to is run by the lovely Chloe from Pole Passion. They hold classes all over the UK!

It looks like you need so much strength before you go near a pole!Β ()You definitely don’t need any strength to be able to start doing pole fitness. You build up really slowly and start off learning the basic moves and spins.

How fit do you have to be to be able to do it? (Fiona) – Not fit at all. Seriously. I’d not done any regular exercise for aaaaages before I started. I guess being slightly flexible can help you get into certain moves a bit more easily, but it’s definitely not a requirement!

How much does it cost? (Gweni) – My lessons cost Β£12.50 each or Β£10 each if I book four sessions at a time. I guess other pole classes vary depending on location.

When does it stop hurting? () – Unfortunately it never stops hurting but pole bruises are definitely like badges of honour! If you’re doing things like pulling muscles every week or dislocating joints though, you’re probably doing something very wrong!

Have you ever got pole burn? Does it hurt? () – Yes and yes. I managed to get pole burn right at the top of my inner thigh and it hurts like an absolute bitch!!

Is there anything you can do to avoid bruising or is it inevitable? () –Unfortunately it’s part and parcel of doing pole, if you want a bruise-free session, then working on more basic spins or moves is a great idea. There’s also doing conditioning too (working on abs or splits) but that tends to hurt even more πŸ˜€

Do you have any tips for first timers? Any big dos or don’ts for your first class? () – Take plenty of water with you, it might not seem it but you’ll get thirsty fast.Β  I think just enjoy it and don’t expect to be doing loads of spins and moves your first time.Β  You’ll feel fine the next day, maybe a bit sore but you WILL feel it the day after that!Β  Take a long hot bath!

Do you ever get any negative/pervy comments about the fact you do pole fitness? How do you respond?Β () – Luckily I don’t really get that many, but if people call it pole dancing, I correct them every time!Β  It’s a fitness class, there’s no dancing involved in my class, although there are a lot of pole dancing classes available too πŸ™‚

What’s your proudest pole achievement? () – Finally getting a pic of my butterfly move! I’ve only ever managed to do it once before but didn’t get a pic that time πŸ™ And although I love learning new moves, I do like going back to old ones to improve on them πŸ™‚

I hear it’s good for core fitness. Do I actually have to participate for it to be good for me?! (Laura) Ahaha definitely. All moves and spins are great for building up your core strength so if you stand around in class, you’re not really working!

Do you need to wear anything special, I’ve heard you have to wear basically nothing? – Well it’s best to wear something you feel comfy in like a t-shirt or vest top, but yeah, little short shorts are the best as you want to be gripping that pole with skin so you’re not sliding down it!

Did you worry about anything when you first started? (Jemma) – Mostly falling off the pole, breaking my neck or farting in class. They were my biggest worries πŸ˜€

Have you ever tried a pole fitness class; what did you think? If not, would you be tempted to try it out? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚ x

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  1. I always wanted to to the pole fitness I find it quite artistic but unfortunately my mom is not to keen about it (you know the cliche stereotype) but I do hope to participate somewhere in the future.

    1. Take her down to see a class, there’s nothing seedy about it, it’s about core strength and building muscle, not working out sexy routines πŸ™‚ x

  2. It’s so fab to find an exercise that you enjoy! I’ve never tried pole fitness – lots of worries about strength etc. Your post answered loads of the questions I have!

  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions, Holly! I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try pole fitness for myself when I move to Leicester! It looks like so much fun, some of my friends regularly attend classes and post videos of their moves on Instagram and I’m in awe of them every single time! It looks like a great chance to tone up as well! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  4. Loved reading this. I used to do pole fitness a few years ago, myself and bunch of girls from work all used to go. I did gymnastics at quite a high level for years so I picked this up pretty well. I agree about the bruising though. I always had a few can’t stop the skin dragging on the pole. Lots of fun and giggles to be had though! You look
    Great btw!! Go Holly Go!!! 😘😘

    1. Always nice to meet another pole lover (even though you don’t do it anymore!) πŸ™‚ I have super bruises this morning and I pinched my thigh on the pole last night, ouchie!! Thank you Samantha πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Ahaha, definitely not, I wrote about that in the post πŸ˜‰ you don’t need strength to start doing pole fitness πŸ™‚

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