Sleek palettes

I seriously have a problem. I absolutely love the Sleek i-Divine palettes and want to own them all. As I said on Friday last week, I bought two from Emma at Emmy’s Beauty Cave so I thought I’d show you which ones I got!  First up is the Ultra Matte V1. I absolutely love the colours in this palette, especially Bamm! (the yellow), Bolt (the turquoise) and Sugarlite (the purple).


Here’s what the swatches look like:



I’m really annoyed that I couldn’t quite get Floss, Crete or Pow to show up properly, but I didn’t want to edit the photos too much, or the other colours would have looked ridiculous!! I’m really excited to use this palette for some rainbow and Halloween looks!

I also got the Snapshots palette. My favourites are Summer Breeze (the light blue), Kiwi Flower (the light green) and Sand Walker (bottom left) so far!


Here’s what the swatches look like for this one:



I’m so excited to have more greens to play with! I can hopefully attempt another green look soon 🙂 Do you have a favourite palette or colour out of these? x

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