Trying out the “new” camera


J doesn’t understand my blogging.  He’s looked at my blog, faked a yawn and said “very nice dear”.  So it was really sweet when he said I could borrow his camera for the purposes of taking better photos and attempting to vlog! It’s a Canon EOS 600D which means nothing to me, but apparently it’s “quite good!”


So while I’m still trying to upload posts as often as I can, I’m also trying to learn to use the damned thing.  It’s a lot bigger than my phone and it even has a fancy flash attachment!  It also means that I have to get to grips with the installed editing software on J’s laptop 🙁 It’s Photoshop, which I find really difficult to use, although I may just do away with the “watermark” and frame on my future photos as I’m not sure it makes much difference!

The photos on the left were taken with my camera phone (Google Nexus 4 – 8 megapixels).  The photos on the right are taken with the Canon (18 megapixels).  The photos have not been edited or changed in any way and all photos were taken at the same time on the same day.

wpid-wp-1439822845238.jpg          IMG_5951

For these photos, I got as close as possible to the tomato with my phone (the zoom function is awful) and I used the close-up function on the Canon.  The colours on the right photos are really vivid and the detail is incredible!!

wpid-wp-1439822866811.jpg         IMG_5954

I used the landscape function for the Canon shot, again the colours are more vibrant and they are more true to life.

wpid-wp-1439822873213.jpg      IMG_5959

I used the auto function for the last two photos and the colour is better and the photos are sharper!!

wpid-wp-1439822879159.jpg     IMG_5964

Despite liking my phone camera for ease of use, I think I’ll be trying to take more photos with the Canon from now on!!  Sorry J, you were right as usual 😛

Do you guys have a fancy blogging camera or, like me, do you just use your phone? x

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  1. That camera takes beautiful pictures! I use a Fujifilm finepix s4830 for blogging, which is a 16 megapixel camera. However I just realized that my phone (samsung galaxy s4) also has a 16 megapixel camera. I may have to play around with using my phone camera for blogging instead since I can never really seem to get the lighting right on the camera.

    1. It’s definitely taking some getting used to! It’s really big and it makes noises when you focus, which isn’t good for vlogging :p
      You should do comparisons too, see which pictures you prefer x

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