Today’s Attempt | A blue eyeshadow tutorial

So remember when I said I really wanted to do a green eyeshadow tutorial?  It turns out I don’t really have any green eyeshadows, oops!!  It does mean I’ll have to go shopping for some though which is such a shame 😛

Anyway, I found a brilliant substitute for now, so I’m going to attempt a blue eyeshadow look I found on Style Weekly (originally from


I couldn’t find any instructions, so I had to wing it.  For this look I used:


  1. Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil (002: Hazel).
  2. Markwins Baked Palette.
  3. Rimmel Glam’Eyes liquid eyeliner (001: Black Glamour).
  4. Rimmel Kohl eyeliner pencil (001: Jet Black).
  5. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara (01: Extreme Black).


  1. I started with a silvery/blue eyeshadow in the corners of my eye and swept some under my lower lash line.
  2. I added the gorgeous blue colour to the centre of my lids, up into my crease and again some under the lower lash line in the middle.
  3. I then added a purple colour to the outer corner of my eye, but it was a darker shade than the tutorial so it doesn’t really show up that well. I blended that out and onto my brow bone.  I also added some to the outer corner under my lower lash line.
  4. I then added some liquid eyeliner to my upper lid lash line and a small sweep of Kohl eyeliner from the outer corners to the middle of my lower waterline.


Instructions: 2/5, I prefer written instructions with my pics, makes it easier to know if you’re getting it in the right place!

Time: <10 minutes.

Look:  It’s a very pretty look but I wish I’d had a brighter purple so the look was more vivid!

Would I wear it again?: I’m not sure I’d really wear this out and about, but I enjoyed using the blue colour!!

Verdict: 4/5

Would you wear something this bright?  What’s the brightest colour you’ve used? x

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  1. I just recently saw a beautiful palette of blue eyeshadow and I was thinking of how I could play with the colors and stuff. It’s too hard to resists. Good thing for this! Thanks for sharing and I noticed that color blue has this perfect way of letting your eye shine out.

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