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So whilst looking for a new tutorial to copy, (I was aiming for a green eyeshadow look, but I’ll cover that another time) I stumbled across this beauty tip.  The idea is that you put tape or a business card from the outer edge of your eye, up towards the end of your eyebrow. I’d imagine the idea is to use “fashion body” (tit) tape rather than something like Sellotape which could damage the delicate skin around your eyes.  This apparently creates precise lines every time and you can use this for eyeshadow and eyeliners!  As a make-up novice, this is something I had to try!!

I found this straightforward tutorial from Beauty Point of View via Pinterest:


And this is what it looked like when I did it….


I applied Nougat from the Au Naturel Sleek palette and using an an old business card I had in my purse, I added Bark to the outer corner, over the brow bone and along the crease.  The line definitely looks sharp and the eyeliner was easy to apply using the card’s edge to run along.  I used my Rimmel Glam’eyes liquid eyeliner.

Then I applied the eyeliner to my right eye….


I don’t know if it’s because I’m left-handed or because I’m a bit crap, but the line was all over the place and I also somehow managed to get a big blob of eyeliner in my eye! I gently removed it with a baby wipe and re-did a bit of the eyeshadow and re-applied the eyeliner.  It was definitely better the second tome around, but the angle of the card wasn’t the same for each eyes so it looks a little wonky!


Instructions: 5/5, they’re really simple!

Time: It took 3 minutes to find my purse and get a business card out (I think I need to clear out my purse!), it took about 10 minutes to attempt the look and redo the right eyeliner.

Look:  It would look better if I’d made the angle symmetrical, but the lines definitely look sharp.

Would I wear it again?: Probably not, but I may practice this look again.

Verdict: 3/5.

Have you tried the card trick?  How did your attempt go? x

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