20 Random Facts About Me

To be honest, this is a bit of a filler post as I’ve really not been feeling well for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t really been able to my shit together properly with being organised, getting words written and photos taken and edited 🙁 So I thought instead of not posting at all, it’d be nice for you all to get to know me a little bit better 🙂

These are quite often the kinds of posts I love the most 😀 So here are 20 little random little facts about me; some you might know already, some you might not!

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The Liebster Award | Take 2

I’m currently trying to sort out some personal bits in my life so blogging is taking a bit of a back seat this week (apart from a fun event I’m going to tonight), so in the meantime, enjoy getting to know me a bit better! Thanks to Jamie Leigh for nominating me 🙂

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