The Body Shop Turns 40

I remember my mum taking me to The Body Shop when I was a child; I remember their dolphin bath pearls, the shimmery gold pearls and the strawberry soaps. A lot has changed since then.

If you weren’t aware, The Body Shop hits the big 40 this year and I received an invite to help celebrate their 40th birthday at their flagship store right here in Brighton!

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My Blogging Set-Up

I’m always really intrigued to see other bloggers set-ups, and when I say really intrigued, what I actually mean is that I’m a teeny tiny bit jealous of all the bloggers who have gorgeous offices with lovely big desks and inspirational quotes and artwork on the walls and beautiful shelves with copper terrariums and cute little plants everywhere. Okay, I might be very jealous, but maybe one day when we actually finish the house *HINT* I can have my own room or at least a bit of space in a room 😀

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My Evening Skincare Regime

I think we all know by now that I’m nosey, I love reading posts about what products other bloggers use. I’ve recently started having a skincare regime just before bed so I figured if I share mine, you might share yours so I can pick up some new tips 🙂

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The Blogger Meet Up Checklist

I’m so excited because tomorrow will be my first ever blogger meet up and I can’t blimmin’ wait. I’m going to the Brighton Blog Meet, hosted by the amazing Laura of Lola and Behold and I’m going to get to meet some of the incredible women who I’ve admired since I started blogging last August.

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My New Look Blog


I’ve been really quite quiet on social media this weekend, which is weird for me because I can’t leave Twitter and Instagram alone usually!! So why the radio silence? Because I’ve been working all hours to get my new look blog up and running. I’m so excited that I can finally unveil the complete new look!

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