Born Pretty Store Eyeliner Review


I was recently approached by Born Pretty Store* to see if I wanted to¬†review some of their products. I was a little apprehensive, only because my blog is still¬†so new and I thought there’d been a mistake! It turned out that they really did want me to try out their¬†products and so promptly sent me my first item.¬†I was happy to find that despite coming from Singapore, delivery only took around 10 days. I thought it would take a lot longer!

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Sorting out my hair


I find this to usually be quite an ordeal. I’m not good at describing what I want and the poor hairdresser is usually unable to guess correctly what I’m trying to ask for. This has led to wanting the iconic “Rachel” haircut in 1998 and getting what I can only describe as long, poofy curtains with the¬†underneath being longer than the top. There is evidence. No, I’m not sharing it. ūüėÄ

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My first giveaway

I’d like to say a¬†massive thank you to all my lovely followers on WordPress ūüôā I love seeing all your likes and comments on my posts. It makes me really happy, especially when something I’ve written has inspired you to try a new look or you’ve gone and bought a product based on my reviews. I really hope you continue to enjoy my blog and feel free to suggest any looks you’d like me to attempt!

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My Latest Drugstore Purchases


So if you’ve been following¬†my blog adventure, you’ll know that I’ve been wanting green¬†eyeshadow palette for a while now. J recently found a really, really old ¬£10 Boots voucher while tidying and said I could have it to expand my make-up collection (isn’t he the best?) I think it was really because he couldn’t be bothered to go and spend it himself, but hey, all the better for me, right? It also turns out that Sleek are having a 2 for ¬£10 at Boots at the moment! Coincidence? I think not!

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Giant Chocolate Cookies


Last weekend was a¬†bank holiday, I was in a baking mood and I’ve heard a lot about Tanya Burr’s¬†cookies. I’m generally not a fan of “celebrity” products but these are cookies; giant, chocolately cookies, and I have a lovely new mixer which I need to practice using. It was a match made in Heaven!

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