Giant Chocolate Cookies


Last weekend was a¬†bank holiday, I was in a baking mood and I’ve heard a lot about Tanya Burr’s¬†cookies. I’m generally not a fan of “celebrity” products but these are cookies; giant, chocolately cookies, and I have a lovely new mixer which I need to practice using. It was a match made in Heaven!

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Upping My Eyebrow Game


I was a teenager for about three years¬†of the 90s, when over-plucking was all the rage. ¬†Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones whose eyebrows never grew back to their former glory ūüôĀ

I usually just fill¬†them using pencil, I don’t really know if I’m doing it right, so I thought I’d find some inspiration¬†to help me.

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Today’s Attempt | A blue eyeshadow tutorial

So remember when I said I really wanted to do a green eyeshadow tutorial? ¬†It turns out I don’t really have any green eyeshadows, oops!! ¬†It does mean I’ll have to go shopping for some though which is such a shame ūüėõ

Anyway, I found a brilliant substitute for now, so I’m going to attempt a blue eyeshadow look I found

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What’s In My Make-Up Bag? | Part One

What's in my make-up bag?

I’ve seen so many of these, mostly because I’m really nosey about what other people own, so I go looking for them. ¬†I hope you’re nosey too? ¬†I’ve broken my make-up bag/box into sections and this part I’ll show you the products I wear on my face.

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My birthday presents unwrapped

As most of you know, because I’ve probably bored you to tears with it, it’s my birthday today. ¬†A few days ago I posted a sneaky peak of the presents that appeared in the lounge, so I thought I’d share with you what was under the wrapping paper!

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