My Favourite Blogs


I have several go-to blogs that I can’t stop reading and I always look forward to new content coming out from them. Here’s a list of my top 5 favourites:

1. Hannah Gale


Hannah’s blog is really funny, insightful and relatable. Her nostalgic posts always have me cracking up (which is awkward because I’m usually on the bus to work!) and her life posts are really helpful.

2. Dorkface


This is definitely my to go blog when I need cheering up. Jemma’s style is cute, colourful and happy. Her blog has loads of great crafty diy bits, brilliant posts about blogging and social media and loads of lovely personal lifestyle posts.

3. Through The Glitter Glass


I’m not usually one for fashion posts, but I absolutely love Saira’s blog. It’s full of OOTD’s, recipes, beauty and more.

4. Confetti and Curves


Karen’s blog is an absolute gem. It’s a massive mix of everything; beauty, fashion, blogging advice and everything in between. She also interviews other bloggers so you can find even more blogs to follow.

5. The Olive Fox


I love this website, they find all the best blog posts and put them in one place for easy reading. There are loads of different categories to check out and browse. They even have podcasts and a monthly book club!

Do you follow any of these blogs already? Do you have your own favourite blogs? x

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  1. Awwwh Holly, thank you so so so so sooooo much for including me in your favourite bloggers!!! What a maaahosive compliment huni, beyond chuffed!!! Made my month girl <3 You're a sweet heart, Karen xoxoxoxoxo

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