I’m getting very excited


I just wanted to share a quick post with you all.  It’s my birthday on Thursday (*cough* 31, where on earth did the time go?) and these presents have started appearing in the lounge!!  Sorry for the awful photo, I’m not exactly allowed to pick them up and move them 😛I’ve been allowed to touch them though, but not too much! The BIG box wrapped in very “adult” dinosaur paper is really heavy and I certainly don’t remember asking for anything that’s that big!!  (I think on my wishlist was new straighteners, but I can’t remember now!)

The sweetie/Christmas cracker looking one is also quite heavy so I’m not sure it’s actually sweets 🙁

The purple box at the top is really light, maybe that’s sweets?

The small dinosaur one I actually know what it is as my friend bought it for me, but I shan’t say until my birthday.

The silver one at the back arrived today and I have no idea what it is either as J forced me to hide when the postman came to the door!

J is the master of present buying so I can’t wait until Thursday!! Is anyone else curious as to what’s in the boxes? X

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