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So if you’ve been following my blog adventure, you’ll know that I’ve been wanting green eyeshadow palette for a while now. J recently found a really, really old £10 Boots voucher while tidying and said I could have it to expand my make-up collection (isn’t he the best?) I think it was really because he couldn’t be bothered to go and spend it himself, but hey, all the better for me, right? It also turns out that Sleek are having a 2 for £10 at Boots at the moment! Coincidence? I think not!

After reading a review of their Garden of Eden palette by Annie Writes Beauty, I decided I really wanted to have it. Of course, Boots didn’t have it; in fact, they didn’t have much Sleek make-up at all, which was really disappointing.

The only palette they had which I didn’t already own was the Original palette which includes TWO GREENS! That pretty much sold me to be honest. I also loved the London names for their colours; Black Cab, Cream Tea and Banksy!

I bought that, along with their Brow Kit (Light). I can’t wait to try it out and see if it creates a more natural look than the pencil I use at the moment! It looks fairly easy to use and comes with two little brushes and a pair of mini tweezers.

The palette is £7.99 and the brow kit is £8.49 – Which would have been £16.48, but it was only £10 on their 2 for £10 offer! (Which was actually free for me, because I used J’s voucher.)


I then popped to Superdrug to see if they had any different Sleek palettes but they didn’t. I did however, pick up the MUA anti-bleed lip liner which I read about on another blog (apologies, but I can’t remember whose blog it was. 🙁 ) It’s a clear lip liner, which is awesome because I’d be crap at working out which lip liners are similar to the only two lipsticks I actually own! It was also £1. Yes, one whole English pound! What a fantastic price! It even comes with it’s own sharpener in the lid.

I also picked up one of their £1 eyeliners in Berry Wine. It’s so autumnal and rich, I can’t wait to try it out properly. I feel I’m weirdly on trend this year, which has never happened before, except by accident!

I then wanted to check out Tanya Burr’s make-up collection, but I couldn’t find it so I had to ask an assistant to help me. There were so many pre-teens in the store, I got weirdly embarrassed and pretended I was buying a present for an 11 year old niece that I don’t actually have! (My nieces are actually 28, 23 and 6) I’m such an idiot 😀 I ended up getting a bottle of nail varnish in Duvet Day (as all the eyeshadows were broken or had been used, grim!)

I can’t wait to try all these out and will be putting up reviews in the very near future 🙂 Do you own any of these products or have been dying to try them? Have any of you ever been too embarrassed to ask for certain products or brands from places? I’d love to know! x

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  1. Gorgeous haul huni – love the palette, the colours are fabulous! I have to say I was disappointed with Boots range of Sleek products too, I thought they would have more choice & a few items were also out of stock 🙁 However hope you enjoy your goodies – they look amazing XXX

    1. I know, it’s so pretty. I’m building up my collection 😊 our Boots is huge too but their Sleek display is tiny 😟
      I can’t wait to try them out, worst thing about being a bblogger, you have to take photos before you can try anything out lol xx

      1. Yes… that’s the same as the Belfast store – it’s massive, over a good few floors yet the Sleek stand is pathetic – very bizarre! 🙁 YEP I sooooo get that frustration – has to be photographed before using… it’s essential 😀 lol xxx

        1. The Superdrug in Brighton has a bigger Sleek stand, but they only had 4 different palettes, 3 of which I own and 1 I’d rather wait to buy!
          Ahaha, I’m glad someone gets the blogger problems, I have no blogger friends, so no one else gets it 😀 xx

          1. Oh my gosh that’s dreadful isn’t it!?! 🙁 Very frustrating!! I need to invest in a few more of their products me thinks – they seem really lovely! Ahh I’m the same… non blogger chums just don’t understand *sigh* lol xxx

          2. I may have to suck it up and buy *shudder* online! Although saying that, there’s a massive Superdrug right near my work, perhaps I’ll see what they have! 😀
            I wish even one of my friends blogged!! xx

          3. Ahhhh I’m so not a fan on the online buying… especially for something I haven’t tried but needs must sometimes *sigh* Good luck with Superdrug… I haven’t found one over here that stock it yet – grrrr! lol Right there with you, most of mine wouldn’t even know what a blog is lol xxxx

          4. YEP!! I hear you on that – however my biggest grudge is that I can’t see, feel, hold or swatch… after a day of make-up shopping I come home looking like I’ve just been on a colour-run! Craaazy lol
            Awwh that’s nice you have the support from them huni 🙂 XXX

          5. LOL last time I asked for one of those I got the death glare… you’d have sworn I’d asked her to walk to hell and back barefoot. Yes, a few of them know and regularly visit (which is nice) but they don’t have an interest in doing it themselves so much! I guess it must be in our genes or something haha 😉 xxxxx

          6. Luckily I’ve found the nice assistants 😀
            None of my friends really read it, it’s not their thing! Shame really, I’m doing a small giveaway tomorrow, their loss lol xx

  2. Fantastic blog, loved reading it. I do also get embarrassed to ask for pretty much any beauty product in Superdrug lol I either try find it myself or give up haha so your braver than me lol. Great buys too. X

      1. Ah fab, looking forward to seeing them. 😊 My next buy is a big eye shadow pallette that I’m on the hunt for. Not yet owned 1 yet, only little pallettes but love having the choice of so much shades to use. X

  3. Aww thanks for mentioning me lovely! Such a shame you didn’t manage to get the Eden one but this one looks so beautiful aswell. Alice xx

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